Apr 7

Best of Oh Happy Day: Pier Dinner Party

This was one of my favorite parties ever from two years ago. I planned it on the Aquatic Pier which is a public pier in San Francisco. I go running around there a lot and I always thought it would be fun to do a dinner party there. It couldn’t be in a better location, we had stunning views of the GG Bridge, Alcatraz, and the City of San Francisco on each side of us. The weather was perfect which really was the biggest gamble of the whole thing. We rented the table, linens and chairs (and fit them in my valiant Honda Civic.) I had a small card table set up a ways off where I did food prep. There are more details on the original post here. I get emails sometimes asking if we got permission first. I didn’t even look into it. There are fisherman there with tables all the time so I just made sure we didn’t have any open flames or alcohol. ps: This party was for my friend Emily’s birthday party. Her husband teaches really amazing screenprinting classes in my studio and he has some spaces open. See his website for more details.

Concept by and Styled by Jordan Ferney Photography by Paul Ferney

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  • Caroline, No. says:

    I really like that you do things without even wondering about permissions, etc. I'm so strait-laced like that – I need to be more creative instead of boring detail checking!

    Sensational, passers-by must've been wowed!

  • Sugar says:

    Oh Wow. Love it! How absolutely fun! (As someone who permits things along SF waterfront for a living- I think you were safe with such a small group).

  • Liz says:

    This is so gorgeous, and really just breathtaking. I love it.

  • Garnish says:

    Am in deep, deep love!

  • Happenstance says:

    Wow, what a great idea. So much fun for your guests too. Even the little one's:)

  • Lauren says:

    How lovely, I want to do this now!

  • almalu says:

    this is absolutely genius and so much fun!

  • My Fashionable Affair says:

    I may just have to steal this idea. It is great. I love it. I just moved into my new place and my deck opens along this fabulous little field.
    Perfect place for an outdoor candle/lantern lit dinner.

  • Elle says:

    What a lovely dinner party. I wish I had the gumption to pull something like this together!

  • Veeda says:

    I like how Moses has his own little spot on the pier. lucky boy!

  • Meredith says:

    How could you not have fun in a gorgeous setting like that? Great idea – it's beautiful.

  • EvaBabeDesigns says:

    Wish I lived up your way and could take the screen printing classes. I love all your ideas!

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