May 27

Renovated NYC Studio

This renovated NYC studio is so inspiring. I don’t know the owner, Jane Fife, but we must know lots of the same people because it kept showing up in my inbox last week. They took a run down empty space and turned it into a gorgeous living space. It is for sale and I’m so tempted to buy it! Check out the listing right here.



  • mln says:

    they really did a nice job- so calming and i love the little kitchen. but for being on the 5th floor, 3 avenues from the subway, it needs to be this fantastic!

  • april~living the sweet life says:

    Jane is the best. I knew her back in my Vermont high school years. She is very talented. I love what she has done for that small apartment.

  • ohbrooke says:

    Wow. They had such a vision! I’m very impressed, and would LOVE to live there.

  • kikislc says:

    Son of a! That looks dreamy. But where is the bed???

  • jordan says:

    The couch is a sleeper!

  • Joslyn says:

    wow gorgeous. i’m especially digging the island counter top!

  • Magchunk says:

    WOW that looks great. So much storage and yet it feels calm and peaceful. I’m contemplating downsizing to a studio later this year and would kill to make a place look like that! Beautiful job, Jane!

  • Leslie says:

    wow, i wish i had vision like that. so gorgeous.

  • wendyhcd says:

    i'm a friend of Jane's. crazy small world. i didn't send it to you, but i should have. we must have many friends in common, J. and i can vouch for it being as lovely in real life as in the pics. her detailing is divine.

  • Jennifer Ramos says:

    Great job…wow. I love how much white they used, makes the space appear LARGER! I lived in a studio in NYC …but couldn't renovate because it wasn't mine…maybe next time. : )

    Jen Ramos

  • pinkstilettos says:

    WOW…You would have never guessed this was the same space. It looks amazing now. Daisy~

  • jill says:

    wow, love the bare wood idea

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