Jan 12

Sky Lanterns

We stopped in Utah this weekend to drop off Moses at my in-laws house. {Thanks Don and Linda!} So I took the opportunity to throw myself a birthday party. Since it is kind of in the middle of nowhere and since there is lots of snow I decided to launch some sky lanterns. {The paper is non flammable so as long as it isn’t windy it is pretty safe but with the snow it was extra safe.} Here are some pictures with Paul’s family and a few of my friends. Don’t ask me about the legality of these because I didn’t even look into it. Also, the package says “100% biodegradable” but I’m guessing it isn’t very eco friendly since we were only able to track down a couple after the descended. {Here is a video to a sky lantern festival–they have them in several places all over the world.}


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