Oct 21

Secret Message Invitations

Remember the the dinner party in in the middle of nowhere? Well here are the invitations I made for it. Since there were only a few people in attendance I only needed to make a few. One of the reasons I like small gatherings is you can put more detail into things. First I used my typewriter and I hand typed the party information on a small strip of paper. I said lots of things like “make sure no one follows you, wear disguises if necessary, this message will self destruct in ten seconds.” Then I rolled up the strips of paper and tucked them in these cheap old little glass capsules with a cork lid. I got them at the flea market, their original use was to hold spare watch parts. I typed the attendees name on the card and affixed the capsule with twine. Then I left the invitations on the doorstep and doorbell ditched.


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