Oct 6

Dinner Party in the Middle of Nowhere

Oh boy. There is a lot to report from this weekend. First though, are the pictures from the dinner party we hosted Friday night. San Francisco has the best piers with the prettiest views. This summer I got the idea of having a fancy dinner party on one. {Most piers don’t allow alcohol, candles, or any sort of Sterno set up so keep that in mind if you try your own.} My friend Emily was turning 31 so we took it as the perfect opportunity to throw her this special party. It is really like playing Russian Roulette with the weather here but miracle of miracles–Friday night was warm and perfect. At the coldest part of the evening only a light sweater was needed.

The party was set up smack dab in the middle of the Aquatic Park pier. There was the Golden Gate Bridge on one side, Alcatraz behind us, and all the lights of the city and Ghiradelli Square on the other side. We rented the linens and chiavari ballroom chairs and then I bought battery operated LED votives so we could still dine by candlelight. Keeping the food warm was tricky but we had four courses, soup we kept hot in thermoses, salad, homemade macaroni and cheese served in individual ramekins (these were baked immediately before then covered and put in a cooler.) And for dessert we had pot de creme served with thick drinking chocolate served in cappuccino cups.


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