Jun 4


I love the eye candy at Artfool event design. Seriously, If I let myself I could spend all day on their site. Be sure and check out their huge press section {so many delicious photos!}


  • schokolade says:

    Really lovely flowers – I especially love the bulk dahlia arrangements.

    P.S – I’m in Australia, so that’s why the time of this comment is so early :)

  • love.boxes says:

    I love those Dahlias!

  • Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl says:

    Thank you for the website. I’m an event planner and appreciate their inspiration and beautiful photos!

  • peggy says:

    I love the vibrant colors in the first photo! I live in Utah, but grew up in Walnut Creek. My sister is geting married and I am looking for flower arrangement ideas. So thanks!

    I love San Francisco as well! Ah, the days of living in a city. I miss it. :) Love your blog.


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