Dec 18

Paperwhites and Booze

I was in The Gardener last week and I was complaining to the guy selling the paperwhites that mine grew too tall and tipped over. He told me about this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Apparently if you add 1/10th part alcohol to the water the paperwhites stay short but still produce fluffy fragrant blooms. So when I give my paperwhites away I will include a mini bottle of whisky.


  • Anonymous says:

    Really funny that you mention this Jordan. I got my grandma some paperwhites to force {on Saturday} and the person at the store told me to add Vodka to keep the stems at a manageable length. The idea of giving them to my grandma with a mini-bottle made both Nate and I giggle.
    P.S. They don’t sell mini bottles of vodka in Utah. Don’t ask me why.

  • liz s says:

    yes, i have the ame problem with my paperwhites!

  • heather says:

    Jordan, we have paperwhites in our yard. When they start to tip over you just need to add more water. It keeps their stems strong. I’m sure vodka would do the trick also:)

  • Anonymous says:

    I also read that if you “pet” the buds daily it stops them from growing too tall. Although, I am not quite sure how that would work.

  • Chelsea says:

    OR you can bury the bulbs in a really simple, very tall glass vase so the heads just barely peek over the top. This way the walls of the vase keep them straight. My mom put two on her mantle and they look fantastic!

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