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7 Tips for Putting Together a Guest Room

We’re renovating a farmhouse about an hour outside New York City and I’m so excited to be able to host friends there. I think I’m actually more excited about the guest rooms than any of the other spaces. The bedrooms won’t need any more renovations (the kitchen and bathrooms are still being worked on) so I’ve slowly started putting the rooms together.

7 Tips for Putting Together a Guest Room | Oh Happy Day

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7 Favorite Iceland Experiences

I recently planned a girls trip to Iceland. We technically called it a “Divorce Trip” because a couple of my friends were getting divorced and we wanted to plan something fun they could look forward to. (On a sidenote: I’m a big believer in this–It doesn’t have to be an overcomplicated international trip, you can plan a hiking trip or an easy weekend staycation–but when I’m going through a tricky time giving myself something to look forward to is so important.) We did a recap on Ashlynn’s podcast right here.

9 Favorite Iceland Experiences | Oh Happy Day

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Summer Refresh

We’ve partnered with Walmart for our summer essentials! They have a new section that features curated trend forward home-goods at really great price points so you can refresh your home from season to season. And the best part: delivery is super quick! We picked a few items to spruce up our new outdoor patio.

Summer Refresh | Oh Happy Day

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