Apr 5

Glittered wire name signs

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

When I got married I used the wedding as an excuse to get my craft on. My mom, sister and I went nuts making everything from the paper flowers to the monogram initials on the gate of the reception site. Every so often I think of little DIYs that I would have loved to do for the big event like this glittered wire name sign for the bride and groom.

Materials: wire, wire cutters, gold spray paint, gold glitter, scissors, ribbon, spray mount

Step 1: Take your wire and leave a bit of room for the curve of the first letter of the word you are going to spell.

Step 2: Start forming the first letter in cursive. Keep the letters loopy so the wire is easier to work with.

Step 3: At the last letter leave some extra wire for extra flourish like the beginning of the word.

Step 4: Spray the wire name gold.

Step 5: Wait a bit for the first layer to dry and then turn it over and spray.

Step 5: Using your spray mount, spray a portion of the wire and then quickly cover it with some glitter. Make sure you’re working on a piece of paper that you don’t mind chucking afterward.

Step 6: Continue spraying and pouring on glitter until it’s covered. Let it sit while it dries.

Step 7: As soon as it’s dry, shake off the extra glitter and return back into the bottle.

Step 8: Tie a ribbon to two letters and tie to a chair.


The beauty of this project is that it can be used for all types of events like monogramming a name for a birthday or bridal shower. Try mixing it up with different colors of glitter and ribbons to really funk it up.

Photography by Hilda Grahnat


Mar 5

DIY Paper Flower Cone Bouquets

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Are you a cone or cup person? I was usually a cup type of girl myself (save a few calories? why not!) But why eat them at all when you can use them as a vase and pass on feeling the guilt. Now, that’s my type of treat. These paper flower ice cream cone bouquets would be perfect for birthday parties, a good cheer up, or just the floral/ice cream lover like myself.

Materials: ice cream cone (waffle or sugar), x-acto knife, glue gun, cutting board, scissors, skewers about 3-4″ long, garden pot  2″ in diamter(optional to be used as stand), bright colored paper for flowers, green paper for leaves, striped paper for cone covers (free download here)

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Feb 24

Copenhagen Trip

We went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago. It was freeeeezing. Although I questioned my own decision making skills several times during the trip (who plans a trip to Copenhagen the first week in February?) I’m actually really happy I got to see it in winter. Brittany and I had been planning on doing a house swap (she stays at my place in Paris while we stay in her place in Copenhagen.) Our tickets were 60 Euros(!) so we were able to do the trip on a shoesstring budget. Our friends Rubi and Stanton came with us, they were amazing and so fun to travel with especially considering we take forever to do anything since we have kids. I don’t know if we were underdressed or just not used to the cold weather but it was the kind of cold that you would go out for two minutes and be chilled to the bone–even with layers on. We ended up renting a car and it was a lot better after that. Something about always knowing there was a a warm spot 10 minutes away made the cold easier to deal with.

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Feb 10

Valentine’s Day Garden Heart Attack

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Have you ever heart attacked someone? Like in the good way, not the medical emergency way? I used to do heart attacks by cutting out oodles of hearts and plastering them to someone’s door (like this). This time I wanted to figure out a way to do it a bit differently so I came up with this heart stencil that can be done on someone’s lawn. It’s super easy to do and is best seen from an elevated vantage point so if you can get some real estate below their window, even better!

Materials: flour, sifter, bowl, large paper, scissors, pencil

Step 1: Draw a large heart onto a piece of large paper (over 11×17″). I found that the bigger the heart the better it turned out. Smaller hearts don’t show up very well.

Step 2: Cut out heart.

Step 3: Pour a large amount of flour into the sifter over heart shape. Start with the edge of the heart and work towards the center.

Step 4: Use different shaped hearts to add more interest to the “attack”.

For bigger impact, heart attack the entire lawn. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 3

Happy Weekend (from Copenhagen!)

I’m writing this from Copenhagen! I’m doing a house swap with the darling Brittany of House that Lars Built. We bought some tickets a few months ago because they were 30 Euros. Now that I’m actually here I’m questioning the decision of coming here in the dead of winter. We are traveling with kids but also brought along our friends Rubi and Stanton who are some of my favorite people ever. I’m excited to get into the city tomorrow and do some exploring. Have you ever been to Copenhagen? What was your favorite thing you saw or ate there?

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photo from Paul’s instagram