What to Wear

Uniform No. 1: Denim on Denim

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I don’t go shopping for clothes a lot. Usually right before a trip or an event I realize I’m sick of my clothes and then go shopping to add a few pieces to my wardrobe. I was feeling like that last week so I started keeping track of looks I want to recreate. I’ll share two today and two on Thursday. I call them “uniforms” because I wear the same look to death.


A: Chambray Shirt | B: Illamasqua Matte lipstick in Ignite | C: Makeup Bag | D:Boyfriend Jeans | E: Suede Red Pumps

Dottie Denim

I realized the other day I had to start limiting the amount of denim and dots I could add to my wardrobe or else I wouldn’t have anything else to wear. Here are some of my favorite pieces. A. Polka Pants B. Chambray Shirt C. Dottie Backpack (I’m wearing the shirt in this post.)

What to Wear: Children’s Birthday Party

By Amanda Jane Jones

Bright colors for a bright birthday party! Below are some suggestions for what to wear and what to give at a children’s birthday party.

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What to Wear: Fancy Birthday Party

by Amanda Jane Jones

As the season gets warmer, it seems my wardrobe gets brighter and brighter. So, it only made sense that this week’s What to Wear included some neon hues. Below are some ideas for what to wear and what to give for a “fancy” birthday party.

I think this peter pan collar necklace just went straight to the top of my wish list. And as for the ombre dress? I could certainly never afford it, but wouldn’t it make for a fun DIY project!?


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What to Wear: Baby Shower

by Amanda Jane Jones

Baby showers are so much fun. Cute little shoes, little jammies, little hats…everything itty bitty! I’ve been to enough of them to recognize some favorites among expecting mothers…books, wooden toys and (of course) the practical essentials. Any other favorites? All suggestions are most welcome!

Below are some ideas for what to wear and what to give at a baby shower:

What to Wear: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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