What to Wear

Field of Flowers Costume

Happy Monday! I’m trying out a new way to work on posts starting today that will be more collaborative and I’m really excited about it. We’ve been working really hard on it and are still figuring out the details but I hope people love it as much as I have loved working on it. Since it’s officially October 1st we thought we should start out with a Homemade Halloween Costume Series. This Field of Flowers costume is ridiculously cute and sort of had us wishing we had an adult sized suit of our own. It was pretty affordable and easy to put together but it did involve getting fancy with a glue gun (don’t fear the glue gun!) See below for full instructions and our source for affordable flowers.

To Make a Field of Flowers Costume it is really very easy. Avoid craft stores when looking for fake flowers (their flowers are kind of pricey for this project) and head right to the dollar store where you get get huge bunches for $1.

Materials Needed: shirt, leggings, beanie, glue gun, and fake flowers.

Step 1: Remove fake flowers and leaves from stems.
Step 2:  Dab hot glue onto the back of the flower and attach to clothing. Put the best flowers on the front and on the hat since they will be seen the most.
Step 3: Continue gluing but leave a 2″ area empty around the top of the leggings so that the shirt will lay flat when on.
Step 4: Finish adding flowers then have the costume tried on to look for any bare spots to fill in. Et Voila! You’re done. The whole thing took us about two hours and was pretty easy.

Credits and our Talented Contributors:
Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day
“Materials” photograph by Paul Ferney.
Art Directed by Jordan Ferney
Produced by Ashley Rose Kirschling
Crafting and Calligraphy by Julie Manwaring at Flourish & Whim
“Homemade Halloween” Type by Angela Hardison
Thanks to little E for modeling!

Uniform No. 4: Lots of Dots

This post is brought to you by Nordstrom.

I like mixing polka dots on polka dots when I’m in the mood to dress fun (Joy has perfected this art) like meeting up for brunch or dinner with my friends. I think the key is to make sure the polka dot prints are different enough. What do you think? Would you ever mix polka dot prints?

A: Sweater | B: Iphone Case | C: Dotted Jeans | D: Polka Dot Wallet | E: Dotted Flats

Uniform No. 3: Monochromatic

This post is brought to you by Nordstrom.

Here is another outfit I’ve been wearing a lot. I love wearing the same color but I think it looks best when the top and bottom aren’t matching completely. Do you ever wear only one color? I love the look. Funny story: growing up my dad would mostly wear yellow. At the time it seemed perfectly normal (he likes the color yellow, of course he would wear it every day.) But looking back as an adult I realize that it was kind of a quirky trait. (Reminds me of Joanna’s article.)

A: Silk Shirt | B: Headphones | C: Mint Jeans | D: Red Iphone Case | E: Beaded Purse | F: Spotted Loafers

Uniform No. 2: Mixing Prints

This post is brought to you by Nordstrom.

I’ve been wearing the outfit below pretty much nonstop this Summer. I love mixing stripes with florals or with some some sort of texture like sequins. How amazing are those snakeskin shoes with gold tips? I like them because they feel neutral but are still interesting.

A: Striped Shirt | B: Scarfs | C: Printed Pants | D: Snakeskin Loafers

Uniform No. 1: Denim on Denim

This post is brought to you by Nordstrom

I don’t go shopping for clothes a lot. Usually right before a trip or an event I realize I’m sick of my clothes and then go shopping to add a few pieces to my wardrobe. I was feeling like that last week so I started keeping track of looks I want to recreate. I’ll share two today and two on Thursday. I call them “uniforms” because I wear the same look to death.


A: Chambray Shirt | B: Illamasqua Matte lipstick in Ignite | C: Makeup Bag | D:Boyfriend Jeans | E: Suede Red Pumps