What to Wear

What to Bring to Paris

I get a lot of emails on how to dress in Paris. After five month of studying the much talked about “French Woman” I have some observations on what to wear to blend in when visiting Paris.

A. Dress up! The French are a little more formal than Americans. If you are going to a museum think about what you would wear to a museum in the US and then dress up that outfit a notch. This dress is from the French Store NafNaf. I don’t love most of their clothes but they really nail it on about 10% of their inventory and they are reasonably priced. Polka Dot Dress | 48 Euros

B. Hemingway’s Writing. Nothing makes you feel more “American in Paris” than reading Hemingway at a cafe. Try Cafe de Flore and be patient and wait for a table on the street. This is one of Hemingway’s old haunts. It is one of those Paris institutions. A Moveable Feast | $16

C. Accessorize! French women wear sunglasses and scarves. These are the details that really make someone look “put together.” Vintage Round Sunnies | $139

D. Travel in Style! I’ve been obsessing over this gorgeous suitcase from Urban Outfitters. Its worth looking stylish as you lug all your belongings through the cobblestone streets. Suitcase from Urban Outfitters | $149.

E. Ballet Flats! Everyone has them. Everyone. You need comfy shoes for all that walking you will do along the Seine at night, plus these fir in the “dressy” category. I love this affordable pair from Marais USA | $60

F. Iphone. Get one of these loaded with neighborhood walking tours, Museum Tours, and Custom Google Maps marked with your itinerary. Don’t forget the This American Life episodes for the plane. Iphone case | $35

G. Headband! One of the biggest differences in Americans and French Women is their “natural hair.” Americans tend to straighten, curl, spray and brush their hair into submission. The French Woman probably spends time on her hair but she is going for subtle waves, beautiful buns, and those adorable hairs that naturally frame your face when you put your hair back. This is my beautiful headband I picked up in Londan last month from Toast. It’s on sale now! Stripey Headband | 34 Pounds

H. A Sweater. The French don’t wear bright colors. I’ve honestly never seen more people wear navy blue in my life. They also love a monochromatic outfit which is why I threw in this boring errr “classic” sweater. You’ll need this for chilly evenings. Cardigan | $49