Mini Masterpiece Favors

I came up with this little favor idea for a wedding (or shower!) for Project Wedding. It is really affordable if you have access to someone with art skills. I really loved how they turned out. See how to do it and all my sources right over here. A special thanks to Vivian Lee for assisting me on this (and to Paul for helping me with the paintings.)

All photos by Oh Happy Day

Fringe Garlands at a Wedding

Anjali sent over these beautiful photos of her wedding where she used my fringey garlands to make a gorgeous blue backdrop. I love it! The wedding looked beautiful! A big congratulations Anjali and Rob! See the rest of the pictures on the photographer’s site: Christina Richards. ps: Find my tutorial for making the fringe garlands right here.

photos by Christina Richards

Hot Pepper Favors

Having a spicy wedding? These little pepper plants will work perfect for favors. See the whole project including free downloadable tags at Project Wedding.

all photos by Oh Happy Day.

Giant Polish Chandelier

I had wanted to make a Polish Chandelier since I bookmarked Laura Normandin’s a few years ago and then I was at Tail of the Yak and they had a giant one in the window. I was so inspired it went to the top of my crafting wish list. I’m pretty in love with how it turned out. I went around the house all day saying “I think thats the prettiest thing I’ve ever made”. If you’ve never heard of a polish chandy I noticed Holly did a nice post on it right here.┬áTraditionally they are pretty small but I think these giant ones would be super cool for a wedding. You could hang one over each table. The materials are very cheap but let me warn you they are a tad labor intensive. A DIY is coming later this week.

Thanks to my friends Anne and Meg for coming over and wearing cute dresses! They are the perfect props to the chandelier.

Bicycle Wedding

I’m so excited that I can finally post some pictures from the wedding of my friends, Rebecca and Derek. They got married last fall and Martha Stewart Weddings just posted a slideshow of the day on their site. I can honestly say this was the funnest wedding I’ve ever been to. First Derek and Rebecca are lovely people and smart and talented. I helped print the invitations and with some day-of coordination but I can’t take credit for any of the genius ideas. That was all Rebecca.

They said in the invitations that there would be physical exercise and to wear comfortable clothing. But they didn’t tell everyone that they would be going on a progressive party around downtown LA on bikes! After the ceremony everybody walked around the corner and saw that there were rows and rows of rented bicycles. It was so exciting! Everyone spent some time decorating their bicycles, then we took off. The first stop was a picnic lunch at a park, the second was a stop in at the LA institution, Diddy Reese and the last stop was for toasts at a botanical garden.

All these photos were captured by the talented photographer Rachel Thurston and you can see a ton more photos and read more over at Martha (seriously I’m barely scratching the surface on the details here.)

Would all 80 guests at your wedding be game to get on a bicycle and go for a bike ride?

(All photos by Rachel Thurston)