Birthday Talent Show

We’re celebrating my birthday weekend (only one more shopping day everybody!) in Palm Springs with some of my pals. For my birthday dinner I asked my friends to bring a talent to perform for a talent show. People are either super into it or a little terrified. I’ve never done tap dancing before but I decided to take tap dance lessons for my performance. I’ve been practicing like crazy and getting my costume ready. See a peek at my costume below. I found it at a vintage store, it wasn’t for sale but I begged the owner to sell it to me and he did. I’ll report back later how it goes. Have you ever had your friends perform at a party? One of my friends is going to recite Cowboy Poetry he has memorized.

Tap Dance Costume | Oh Happy Day

Hidden Prize Birthday Cake

by Kathleen Ballos

A little while ago I was looking through a 1950s craft book and read about the Christmas tradition of a Jack Horner pie. Traditionally, the book says you wrap small presents, tie each one to a string, and put all the presents in a box/basket with the string tails hanging out of the box – then your party guests each take a string and pull it to see which prize they get.

This tissue paper birthday cake was inspired by that idea – instead of loot bags, have party guests each grab a string, pull, and see what they get! Alternatively, this would also be a fun way to distribute prizes for game-winners throughout the party. (P.S. Fan of paper cakes? Make these candle and cake hats for your guests!!)

Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!

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Paper Net Garland DIY

by Kathleen Ballos

Aren’t vintage craft books the best? Some of the projects can be a bit outdated but you can find some real gems as well! This garland was inspired by Christmas tree decorations in an old Girl Scout craft book that I was thrilled to get my hands on. They’re so easy to whip up and you likely already have all the supplies.

Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!Paper Net Garland DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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A 40th Birthday Party

by Casey Baudoin

Celebrate your better half’s birthday in style with a modern, 1940’s theme, jazz music, cocktails, and cigar boxes filled with treats! Have guests select  their own 1940’s fashion to wear.  The statement piece will be the 40 big black balloons, which friends and family can write birthday wishes on.

A 40th Birthday Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. bow tie  2. cake  3. shoes  4. balloon  5. record player  6. cigar box  7. drink stirrers


I got this sweet little whale top on Etsy. When you have two small children, thrift store shopping seems like a world away.