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On Resolutions

Three years ago when I was thinking about how the next 5-10 years of my life would turn out, I wrote down three things I really wanted in my heart of hearts and taped them to my fridge. (I was writing on paint chips a lot back then, they make great colorful lists!) I’ve made some decent progress on #3 (but we’re taking a loooong break in that department.) #1 Isn’t an option right now but possibly in a few years when we’ve saved more pennies. But this year I only have one resolution. It’s #2 on my big list: Move to Paris for a year. I can’t believe its really happening. (And if you haven’t heard, my awesome older sister Gabrielle at Design Mom is coming too.)

Do you have a “big list?” The way I thought about my big list is if in 10 years if I just do these things, I will be happy and proud of what I’ve done with my time.

Edible Gold Stars

Aren’t these edible glitter stars amazing? I want to put them on everything I eat. These would be perfect for the holidays. For only $6 they can be yours right here.

Wonderland Room

I just spent our whole retirement at this Etsy Shop the Wonderland Room. I’ll admit it right now, its a disease. Me and pretty office supplies have a codependent relationship.

Hand Dyed Quilts

Saving my pennies for one of these. So incredibly gorgeous. via Freshly Picked

Minimalism is a Bummer

Have you seen Jonathan Adler’s new office line? It is really affordable. I am especially crushing on that laptop case. Plus the notepad that says “Minimalism is a bummer” cracks me up.