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My Favorite Things on eBay

I’m happy to announce my partnership with eBay! I realized some of my favorite things I own are things I’ve bought from eBay over the years. So I went around my house and took pictures of some of my most cherished items for the collage below. (click through below for the whole post) I love eBay and use it constantly, for everything from hard-to-find-vintage items to new shoes or electronics. I even bought my little red car off eBay! Here are some of my current favorite collections I’ve scoured  for on eBay based on my favorite purchases! Vintage Cars | Wood Toys | Alarm Clocks

Things I've Bought From eBay! | Oh Happy Day


Cool Cameras | Vintage Typewriters | Vintage Globes


Things I've Bought From eBay! | Oh Happy Day

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Kate Spade Saturday on Fab!

I’m so excited to see Kate Spade Saturday on Fab this week. I love the Kate Spade Saturday brand – it makes me so happy! A majority of the collection on Fab is exclusive, and tons of items are on sale. I’m really hoping to add a few pieces to my closet, so I picked out a few of my favorites below. Which ones do you love?

Kate Spade Saturday on Fab | Oh Happy Day!


A. Yellow Easy-On Sandal B. Red Square Tote C. Striped Full Circle Straw Bag D. Blue Slip Neck Ponte Dress E. Pink Bibbed Perfect Day Shirt F. Yellow Square Wallet G. Half Circle Flats H. Blue Half Circle Bag I.Pink Six Pocket Tee J. Scoopback Dress K. Yellow Circle Sunnies

This post is sponsored by Fab: a design-curated shop, which features unique, quality design products.

New Avery and Martha Stewart Line

When I saw the new Avery and Martha Stewart collaboration (it’s pretty much perfect) my first reaction was “FINALLY!” I remember looking around over five years ago for good basic organizational office supplies. There is definitely lots of “pretty” stuff out there but it is usually expensive and has too many polka dots. I wanted things that were priced the same as regular office supplies with clean and classic details. I even started my own label company (RIP Stuck Labels) because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Avery is really good with new technologies so it’s a nice marriage of taste and technology. I will definitely be using the labels for parties and weddings. The line will be available at Staples stores in February but it looks like you can buy it online right now. What do you think? Do you like it?

The Perfect Sunhat

I’m still in the throes of laundry and getting the house together before our next round of house guests but I can’t believe I’ve been home five days already. The more I think about it I realize it was the best vacation I’ve ever been on. Beautiful scenery, hilarious people, lots of adventure and built in relaxing down time while we sailed to each new island. More pictures to come next week! Aubrey showed up with this awesome enormous sun hat she got from Whole Foods. We all tried to steal it the whole trip. Isn’t it rad? It’s perfect for lounging in the sun, and its so huge it makes everyone look fantastic. I found it for sale right over here.

There is Thunder in Our Hearts

Last year we went to the Little Winter Craft Market in Portland. I’m so glad I did if only because I met all sorts of wonderful people, including Geoff and Anabella of Field Guided. They make all sorts of wonderful things but I fell immediately in love with their tote bags. Last week I saw a lady walking around Paris with one and I was reminded that I never purchased one. I just bought it in black and I can’t wait for it to get here.