things I want

The Perfect Sunhat

I’m still in the throes of laundry and getting the house together before our next round of house guests but I can’t believe I’ve been home five days already. The more I think about it I realize it was the best vacation I’ve ever been on. Beautiful scenery, hilarious people, lots of adventure and built in relaxing down time while we sailed to each new island. More pictures to come next week! Aubrey showed up with this awesome enormous sun hat she got from Whole Foods. We all tried to steal it the whole trip. Isn’t it rad? It’s perfect for lounging in the sun, and its so huge it makes everyone look fantastic. I found it for sale right over here.

There is Thunder in Our Hearts

Last year we went to the Little Winter Craft Market in Portland. I’m so glad I did if only because I met all sorts of wonderful people, including Geoff and Anabella of Field Guided. They make all sorts of wonderful things but I fell immediately in love with their tote bags. Last week I saw a lady walking around Paris with one and I was reminded that I never purchased one. I just bought it in black and I can’t wait for it to get here.

On Resolutions

Three years ago when I was thinking about how the next 5-10 years of my life would turn out, I wrote down three things I really wanted in my heart of hearts and taped them to my fridge. (I was writing on paint chips a lot back then, they make great colorful lists!) I’ve made some decent progress on #3 (but we’re taking a loooong break in that department.) #1 Isn’t an option right now but possibly in a few years when we’ve saved more pennies. But this year I only have one resolution. It’s #2 on my big list: Move to Paris for a year. I can’t believe its really happening. (And if you haven’t heard, my awesome older sister Gabrielle at Design Mom is coming too.)

Do you have a “big list?” The way I thought about my big list is if in 10 years if I just do these things, I will be happy and proud of what I’ve done with my time.

Edible Gold Stars

Aren’t these edible glitter stars amazing? I want to put them on everything I eat. These would be perfect for the holidays. For only $6 they can be yours right here.

Wonderland Room

I just spent our whole retirement at this Etsy Shop the Wonderland Room. I’ll admit it right now, its a disease. Me and pretty office supplies have a codependent relationship.