things I made

Birth Announcements

Another project that I FINALLY finished: Moses’ birth announcements. It was WAY more labor intensive than I anticipated. I actually printed them when he was a few months old but part of it was left unfinished so I could deal with another emergency. It might be uncouth to send them out when he is 7 months old {7!} but I spent a lot of time and money on them so I’m sending them out anyway. Here is a snapshot. I’ll post more detailed photos next week. {After everyone gets theirs in the mail.}

Baby Shower

Saturday morning Brooke and I threw a little baby shower for Emily. It was super simple and very fun. We had it on the back patio at Axis Cafe. For decorations we rented a tablecloth and made little arrangements in Weck jars {when it was over everyone took a little jar home.} For favors we filled up these cute green boxes with macaroons from Miette. I’m not too into shower games but Brooke came up with a clever one. She got these little babies and froze them in ice cubes. The first person to melt their baby out of the cube won. I like throwing parties at restaurants because all you have to worry about is the fun part: invitations, decor, and favors.

Shower Invitations

Here are the shower invitations I finished last week. The invitations had a solid pattern on one side of each of the cards. Then I put them in a cellophane wrapper with the pattern side facing outward and made some labels to wrap around the outside with the addresses. I had been wanting to mail something in a cellophane wrapper for a while now–I would have done a few things different but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.


I helped my friend Brooke plan a picnic for her husband’s 30th birthday. I designed the labels to put on all the little bags and containers. Her husband loves Michael Pollan so on the ouside of the box we put one of his favorite quotes, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” And then we put little facts about her husband all over everything. Unfortunately Paul and I were out of town when the whole thing went down this weekend–but Michelle took some pictures for me {thanks Michelle.} We got the gable box idea from an old issue of MS Weddings and then we put our own spin on it.

New Party Projects

I have two projects I’m trying to finish up before I start packing my suitcase. I am printing up invitations for a friend’s baby shower and I am designing some labels and tags for a friend’s thirtieth birthday party. Here is sneak peek at the shower invitations. {I’ll post pictures of the completed products later.} I think my favorite thing to work on is party collateral.