things I made

Surprise Balls

Last night our friends Aubrey and Blake came over and we made surprise balls, which are some of my most favorite things in the world. Basically it is a ball of crepe paper with ten little prizes and treats wrapped inside. You can do lots of things with them like take one to Christmas dinner and each person gets to unwrap it until a prize falls out. Or for a dinner party have one at each place setting or as a take home favor. They are just so charming. The ones they sell at The Tail of the Yak are like works of art. Ours weren’t as fancy but we did lumps of coal with black crepe paper. We are still trying to master how to do the ones like in the top picture from SFGate.} I’ll to put up a tutorial shortly on how to make them.

Moses turns One: The Party

Moses actually turns one next week but I wanted to do the party early before any of the holiday stuff really kicked in. Since we have been so busy we only started working on the party the evening before. I simplified a lot of the plans, but even with the last minute preparations everything turned out great. Our friends, the Kane’s, let us have the party at their loft and my friend Brooke made some amazing guacamole for the appetizer. For food we had “super tacos” and the cake was lemon cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting with fresh lemon curd. I made a large cake for everyone and then Moses got his own small cake. We slapped some labels on the drinks to make them fit the superhero theme, and I used leftover candy from the photoshoot I did last week for favors. Do all that and voila! You get one birthday party put together in about five hours.


I have two schools of thought on ribbon. 1. I like to buy small amounts of specialty ribbon {usually expensive} and I use it only for really special occasions. 2. I buy large amounts of this satin ribbon {double faced 1.5″ inch satin} and use it generously on presents and decoration. The satin ribbon is one of my secret sources. For $10 they give you 50 yards. Because it is so cheap you can use a lot. I have a huge box of the stuff in every color. The picture below is from Christmas 2006 where I used it a lot. Not all of their ribbon is good {avoid the wired–it is poor quality} but I can vouch for the double faced Satin!

Moses turns One

I sent out Moses’ birthday invitations last week. They came together last minute but I am happy with how they turned out. We printed them with our laser printer so they were very easy.

Bookbinding Class

I LOVED my bookbinding class at SF Center for the Book this weekend. We made these two simple books {they are kind of boring, but we had no choice-we were just learning technique.}

The most exciting part of the weekend for me was to find out that Mills College in the East Bay is offering an MFA in Creative Writing and Book Arts. It is the first one of it’s kind in the country. In college {I studied English Literature} I always thought I would go to graduate school but my interests changed after I got out and I couldn’t imagine one thing I would be passionate about studying for another few years…until now. I’m going to look into this program more!