2010 Year in Review – Part 1

2011 is here. We made it. It is nice to look back and take stock of what happened in 2010. It’s been a long year folks. I am putting a lot of faith in 2011, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

In January, I turned 30. And was fat and pregnant. And depressed. No that’s actually not a picture of my birthday party. (It’s the birthday party of my dreams.)

In February, we shared some pictures of our apartment. Here, here, here, and here.

Then at long last our Roman came. And he was perfect.

In March, Paul had a birthday and I sent him on a treasure hunt following a red string with a picnic at the end.

In April I did these mobiles and citrus garland DIY’s for Project Wedding.

Then we sent Romey in for his first cleft lip surgery.

In May I put together the Birthday Surprise in the mail for Aubrey. Where all her family and friends sent her love notes and it turned into a giant puzzle. Here is the post about it, here is the rad video Aubrey made, and here are my DIY instructions.

I did the wheat grass escort card and the lemonade favor DIY for Project Wedding.

I started experimenting with watercolor and letterpress.

Phew! I’ve only made it to June. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

Styling a Minted Ad: Behind the Scenes

I was hired to help style some ads for Minted’s new Holiday cards and I thought it would be fun to show some Behind the Scenes. (BTW have you seen the new Minted Holiday Cards. They are Gorgeous!) Minted is such a neat company because their designs are crowd sourced and voted on. How Democratic! right? Plus I love women run businesses and Mariam Naficy is a powerhouse. I find her really inspiring. Anyway here are some shots of a couple of the completed ads.

The process was so easy because both the art director and the client were so great to work with.

First I met with Suzanne Shade, the art director and she discussed the layout and what they were looking for. Then I went to work collecting all sorts of goodies from my supply closet. (It feels so good to actually use all those pretty things I bought for no reason!) I also stopped by the Ribbonrie and Fantastico to buy ribbons and knickknacks for styling. Here is a picture of a small part of the props I brought.

The shoot was at XYZ Studios in San Francisco and besides Suzanne, Miriam and Annie Clark were there from Minted. Using the cards they had picked out we worked on different arrangements until we were happy with how it looked. My favorite part is adding little embellishments. A little ribbon here, a dangly thing there, until it looks just right. We basically experimented with several adjustments until everyone was happy. Meanwhile the amazing photographer Eva Kolenko and her assistant worked on getting the lighting just right. From there we just made little tweaks until the photograph was perfect. Below is a picture of the color test.

Somehow some party hats made it into my stash so we of course took some photos during down time.

Pretty Office Supplies

I’ve been going through some of my favorite images lately {organizing my binders} and I’m super inspired by the styling in these photos by So-En Magazine I originally saw on Chelsea’s blog.

Thanksgiving Update

It is good to be back! We had such a great week. My brother and his wife flew out for Thanksgiving and our week started out at the lighthouse. It was very hostel-y but it was still really fun. The babies are the same age so it was cute to see them play together.

Then for Thanksgiving we made pies and went to my Aunt’s house outside San Jose {hi Robin!}. My Aunt is an amazing cook so we had the most delicious Thanksgiving.

On Friday I worked and we got some last minute photos for the launch of our shop tomorrow!

And then the rest of the weekend we went up to a friend’s cabin about an hour north of the city in the middle of the redwoods. That has me convinced we need to buy a vacation home.

I’m off this morning to do some shopping before all our company heads off to the airport. I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of posts and the launch of our etsy shop!!

Photoshoot: Hats

Yesterday I styled a photoshoot for my friend Juliann Wheeler. It was my first time ever doing prop styling. I had such a good time. The edited photos won’t show up for a week or two but here are a couple of unedited stills. Thanks to Brooke and Amber for modeling and thanks to Aubs and Emily for letting me borrow your loot.