DIY Easter Nesting Three Ways

by Kathleen Ballos

Have you dyed your Easter eggs yet? I usually dye mine on Good Friday and then set up my basket for the Easter bunny to find overnight. Plain paper nesting is available in stores of course, but why settle when you can customize your own to match your eggs and basket??

DIY Easter Nesting Three Ways | Oh Happy Day!DIY Easter Nesting Three Ways | Oh Happy Day!DIY Easter Nesting Three Ways | Oh Happy Day!

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Metallic Leaves Table Decor

by Kathleen Ballos

Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family is almost always potluck style. When we’re hosting, I always want to decorate the table but don’t know how much of the table will be covered with bowls, platters, and plates and how they’ll all fit together. With this in mind, I thought these metallic leaves would be a fun way to solve this little dilemma. Line them up along a table runner, scatter them around the table, or use them to dress up place settings – you can easily move them to accommodate whatever dishes your guests bring.

Metallic Leaves Table Decor | Oh Happy Day!Metallic Leaves Table Decor | Oh Happy Day!Metallic Leaves Table Decor | Oh Happy Day!

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Pop Up Flag Place Cards DIY

by Sally J Shim

When hosting a small party or dinner it is nice to set up the seating arrangement so guests can meet new friends. In lieu of traditional place cards, try making these fun pop up flag place cards. You can make them in any color to coordinate with your favorite color palette. Your guests will love the handmade touch and it will be sweet reminder of your time together.

Pop Up Flag Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!Pop Up Flag Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Polka Dot Tablecloth DIY

This table cloth DIY was inspired by these napkins from Anthropologie. I loved the color palate and we decided to try to make one using a $15 table cloth and… potatoes! The process took a couple hours but was very simple and because of the imperfect look we didn’t worry too much about how straight our lines were. I’m so pleased with the results! It would be so easy to make a bunch for a wedding or a shower. (ps: Here is the artwork we made with potatoes a few years ago, I still love it.)

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My Party Closet: Yellow Party

Beautiful parties don’t always require a lot of energy. Most of the time, I can whip up something special within a couple hours – thanks to the supplies I always keep stocked in my party closet.  For this party we pulled out of my stash: some crepe paper folds, my roll of white butcher paper, treat bags, striped napkins, and some tall candles. The giant fringe number makes a big impact and is perfect for kids. It took 1-2 hours to make but once it was completed, everything else came together quickly. (See the complete DIY here.) We crafted the tablecloth by painting loose yellow stripes onto white butcher paper and cutting scallops around the edges. After that, it just took a quick run to the party store and bakery to fill my balloons with helium, purchase favors for the gift bags, and pick up a yellow cake. Voila! A simple and easy party.

Still wondering what to stock in your party closet? See mine and get some ideas here. And don’t miss the Rainbow Streamer Party we put together on Tuesday! ps: the floral tray is from here.

Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Coordinated by Stacy Wichelhaus
Styling by Caitlin Barker
Crafting by Jessica Heywood
Assisted by Harper Casimiro