Dot Wall DIY

Today I’m sharing how we made the giant dot mural in our studio. It is a really simple process to make, all we used was acrylic paints and giant sweet potatoes. I based it off of this project I made with potato dots from a few years ago. In our studio upstairs there is a big room with floor to ceiling windows. One wall we needed to leave blank for photoshoots but I wanted some sort of mural on the other wall. We want to have craft nights and classes (announcements coming soon!) and so it needed a little somethin’-somethin’ besides a blank wall. In the future I want it to always be changing and have different artists come paint it but for now we have our giant dot wall and we love it. The details for making your own are below.

Make a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy DayMake a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy DayMake a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy DayMake a Dot Wall with Potatoes! | Oh Happy Day

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Studio Kitchen Makeover

I’m so happy to finally share some of the changes we’ve been working on the last few months at Oh Happy Day studio. First up is the Kitchen! This space wasn’t always a kitchen. It was a funny room in the back that got great light but wasn’t pleasant to be in since that is where all the boxes and random supplies would get stuffed when we had a project going on. We finally decided to to take the prime real estate and turn it into a little kitchen area. Last month we tackled that sad little room head-on. We knew we wanted to paint the kitchen a bright color and collaborated with Valspar since they have an awesome Love Your Color Guarantee. If you don’t love the color you chose you can try a new one, on them. It made it way easier to try  a bold color like Poker Green in a small space. We made the video below  showing the transformation that I’m really excited about, I hope you like it!

Oh Happy Day | Kitchen Makeover

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Lately Around the Studio…

This month has already been so exciting and full of fun projects.  Our studio is finally coming together and it feels good to get things finished up. We’ve been tracking most of our progress on Instagram. Do you follow Oh Happy Day?

Around the Studio | Oh Happy Day!

All photo’s via Oh Happy Day’s Instagram account.

Our Inspiration Wall

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Things are slowly coming together at our new studio and I can’t wait to share pictures soon. We’ve been busy, so it’s definitely a work in progress – but one of the first things we put up was our inspiration wall. There’s something special about collecting beautiful images and physically hanging them around our creative space. It helps to set the mood for our brainstorming meetings and brings so much color into the studio! Some of these inspirational images come from magazines or ads, but we also find some online. We used our Canon PIXMA Printer that connects right to our social networks and to our files on the cloud. It’s wireless, so it’s super easy to print beautiful images as we find them. I also like to add 3-D elements like beautiful objects and feathers I find. How do you incorporate inspiration into your home office?

Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!Our Inspiration Wall | Oh Happy Day!

Photos by Paul Ferney


Have you heard of Poppin? They’re an awesome company that makes colorful and modern office products. Having worked in a cubicle, I know that most workspaces can be boring. So I love the idea of adding a little style to the spot where you spend most of the day. The Poppin website definitely has me daydreaming about giving our studio a makeover. But, I can’t decide whether I’d want to stick with a theme (like Oh Happy Day yellow) or mix and match a color palette. What do you think? Right now, Poppin is offering Oh Happy Day readers a $10 off all orders of $40+ with the code: OHHAPPYDAY. Use it before it expires on 7/5!


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