Lately Around the Studio…

Happy Friday! I hope you have fun plans for this weekend. Right now, I’m down in South Carolina to speak at The Maker’s Summit (will you be there?) I’ve never been to South Carolina before. We’ve made some exciting progress at the studio these past few weeks – it’s so awesome seeing everything come together. There’s still a lot to finish, but I’m really happy with the way it’s all turning out. (PS – Have you signed up for our spring Craft Nights yet? There are still 15 spots open in our screenprinting classes! Click here to sign up.)

Lately Around the Studio | Oh Happy Day!

See photos & the video from our kitchen makeover here. And don’t forget to follow @ohhappyday on Instagram!

Lately Around the Studio…

This month has already been so exciting and full of fun projects.  Our studio is finally coming together and it feels good to get things finished up. We’ve been tracking most of our progress on Instagram. Do you follow Oh Happy Day?

Around the Studio | Oh Happy Day!

All photo’s via Oh Happy Day’s Instagram account.

Our New Studio

Remember back here where we were looking for a new studio? We found one that I think will work! It is a really cool building in the Mission not far from where we are now. I started calling every listing on Craigslist and then spent two afternoons just walking around looking for real estate signs and asking people if they knew of anything. Everything was either really expensive or the space was awkward. Then luckily Paul happened to be walking by our new building and noticed people were moving out. We were able to get in and call the landlord before it was on the market! YEA!! What I like about the building is we have the whole space. It isn’t huge but it is divided up really nicely so we can use the upstairs for shooting and continue doing our craft nights and classes and then downstairs we’ll use for offices. (It is hard to hold events in the same place you work because you are always having to clean up projects and move things out of the way.) It is amazing to have them be two separate spaces. Another aspect I liked is the space is zoned for retail. I don’t know if I want to open up a full fledged shop anytime soon but I like that it is an option.

It’s a pretty decent blank canvas but these are definitely the before pictures. I really love the staircase and the bathrooms all have really cool tile. Right now we are working out the painting and furniture details. My goal is to get the space up and running and functional and then come through and design it later. It is really scary to sign a lease and make big decisions, but it is a huge relief to have a space we can shoot in and I’m excited to be able to hold more Craft Nights and classes on a regular basis!

New Studio BEFORE