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Three Party Dresses

It’s party dress time. My calendar is full over the next few weeks with just about every holiday party possible so now I have to figure what to wear. I’ve been using an awesome new website called Chippmunk to find the best deals. Basically, it’s a search engine just for online coupons. I put in my shopping budget, and it shows me how I can save money at the stores where I’d normally shop. I love that every code is verified so there aren’t any expired coupons on the site. And there are a ton of retailers that offer exclusive coupons just for Chippmunk. It’s really made shopping online during the holidays so much easier. All of the dresses below were found on sites with Chippmunk deals!

Oh Happy DayOh Happy DayOh HAppy Day

Gold Dress | Gold Bracelet | Black Flats | Black Dress | Treat Toppers | Silver Shoes | Red Necklace | Red Dress

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Our Bedroom Makeover

Woohoo! I’ve got some “after” pictures of our bedroom today. After renting apartments for years it feels pretty liberating to be able to do ANYTHING I want to the apartment. The front bedroom (that we are calling the Master bedroom) is a beautiful space with Bay Windows. The trim had been previously painted white and it had white walls. So it was definitely a blank slate. When I went looking for inspiration for our house I kept searching for “Modern Victorian” I want to keep all the amazing details that make me love the apartment, but I want the space to feel modern and fresh.

I kept coming back to Jenna Lyon’s Brownstone, probably my favorite example of this.  What I like about the room is it still feels fresh several years later. They take risks (like painting everything black!) but there are a ton of architectural details and everything feels modern and a little sparse. I loved how they had painted their trim black too, not just the walls. It gives the room a whole different look than accenting the room with standard white moulding. After weighing my options I became obsessed with painting my whole bedroom black.  This might not seem like a risk to some people but I have spent my whole life trying to figure out how to make my small cramped apartments feel “lighter” so to actually make some thing darker on purpose seemed scary to me. Coincidentally Valspar contacted me about the same time and I told them I would LOVE to work with them considering all I do is think about paint colors all day. So I started looking for the “perfect black.”  Valspar has an awesome Love Your Color Guarantee where if you aren’t happy with your first color you can have another color “on them.” It’s a pretty amazing guarantee because anyone who paints a lot knows that sometimes, no matter what you do, the paint colors don’t turn out how you thought they would. It was so nice knowing I had the option of switching colors if I didn’t love the bold color I originally chose.

Our Bedroom Makeover | Oh Happy Day @valsparpaint #loveyourcolor

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Sofa Makeover

We were visiting the Marimekko flagship store in New York last Spring when I saw this fabric. It was upholstery weight and gorgeous and I knew it would be perfect for our old yellow sofa. I had bought a vintage yellow sofa off Craigslist earlier and I loved the shape but the velvet wasn’t in great condition. I knew that it would need to be reupholstered soon.

Our Sofa Makeover | Oh Happy Day!Our Sofa Makeover | Oh Happy Day!Our Sofa Makeover | Oh Happy Day!

When we were getting ready to move to our new house I figured it was time to update the yellow sofa too so I ordered a big bolt of the beautiful fabric and sent it off to the upholsterer. When they returned with the sofa a few weeks later I couldn’t believe it! It came out even better than I hoped. The fabric is perfect because it’s a pattern but still feels like a neutral. I topped it with some beautiful Marimekko pillows and voila! It’s done.

My mom always had Marimekko patterns and fabrics in our home so I love that I will continue the tradition. Their patterns are so iconic and classic and fun! I’m also pretty obsessed with their clothing line. The dresses are not only beautiful but the quality is really unbelievable. Did you have Marimekko when you were growing up? Have you been to one of their new stores?

Our Sofa Makeover | Oh Happy Day!Our Sofa Makeover | Oh Happy Day!

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Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day

Holiday Cards from Pear Tree Greetings

It’s Holiday Card time! I usually try to make my own but this year with the move I realized if I don’t get these out early they just weren’t going to happen. Pear Tree Greetings approached me and asked if I was interested in using their site to design our holiday cards. I love that the Pear Tree Greetings site has so many Holiday Card options – it was difficult to choose just one! In the end, I picked a simple but fun design that would highlight one of my favorite family photos from this summer. The stripes on the back are awesome (although, I also loved the colors on this one and the gold foil on this one.) It only took 10 minutes to customize the cards and they came in the mail a few days later, I was thrilled with result! They look even more beautiful in person. Are you sending out holiday cards this year?

Pear Tree Greetings Holiday Cards | Oh Happy Day!Pear Tree Greetings Holiday Cards | Oh Happy Day!

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Product Photos by Paul Ferney
Family Photo by Heather Zweig

Custom Holiday Gifts

I was excited to work with Zazzle because besides their holiday card selection they have a really cool selection of customizable gifts that are really affordable. I decided to get a head start on my holiday shopping and test out a few custom gift ideas I’ve had in mind. First, I designed a cute tote for my friend that’s perfect for trips to the farmer’s market. Then, I used a few of our favorite photos from our recent trip to Australia to create unique iPhone cases, luggage tags, and mugs for Paul. Designing my own gifts was addicting – it was fun seeing my ideas come to life! I like that I can put anything I want on the items, it would be a great gift for grandparents or kids. Last night I started a Pinterest board to help me keep track of great gift ideas.  What’s your favorite thing to give during the holiday season?

Holiday Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

A. Grocery Tote | B. Barely There iPhone 5 Case | C. Luggage Tag | D. Classic Mug

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