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Cleaning Tips for Bathroom | Sponsored By Method

This is the last post in the campaign I’m doing with Martha and Method with tips on how to clean up your home. Today is the bathroom! The bathroom is my least favorite to clean, but I have a few tricks to make my bathroom feel organized and happy.

Tip 1: Fluffy White Towels
Any bathroom feels cleaner if there are fluffy white towels, I’m partial to a white towel over colored for lots of reasons but mostly because they just feel better in a small space. Also a cupboard full of white fluffy towels is one of the simplest pleasures in life. I’m partial to the Macy’s Hotel line. We bought ours 6 years ago and they are still going strong.

Tip 2: Stock up on Supplies
It is easy to do but I feel so rich when I have pretty baskets full of organized toilet paper and containers in my cupboards that hold qtips, cotton balls, makeup. I keep my eye out when I’m at the thrift store or flea market for cute containers to hold toiletries.

Tip 3: Clean=Comfortable
I think people feel comfortable in a clean and organized bathroom over one with lots of decoration. So I like to keep my decorations simple in the bathroom but I always try to keep a few pieces of art and either a small vase of flowers or a little plant. (Orchids thrive in steamy and tropical spaces!)

Tip 4: Clean during Bath Time
My sister taught me this trick. (This probably only applies if you have kids.) While your little guys are taking a bath wipe down the sink, mirrors, and floors. Then after they are out of the bath give the tub a scrub down and your whole bathroom is tidy in one fell swoop. Multitasking!

I just cleaned my bathroom last night using this Method multi purpose cleaner, it got my bathroom clean and it still currently smells like French Lavender, I love it! Do you have any tips on how to keep your bathroom clean and organized?

This post is part of the Get Clean campaign with Martha and Method. Go here to join the project and to read more.

photo by Oh Happy Day

Cleaning Tips for Closet | Sponsored By Method

Twice a year I go through my closet and organize it and make it pretty. It feels so good to have a closet full of clothes you actually wear that are ironed and mended and hung neatly in a row. Here is my basic process for organizing my closet.

Tip 1: Brutally Edit
Ask yourself: Do I love it? and Do I wear it? If you don’t answer “yes” to both questions then sell it or donate it. Sometimes I realize I’m still in love with the “idea” of a piece of clothing because I got lots of compliments back in the day, when in reality its out of style and I never wear it anymore.

Tip 2: Get Matching Hangers
It sounds like a superficial detail but it makes such a difference in how organized your closet feels to have matching hangers. It feels good visually to have a consistent row of hangers lined up all in a row.

Tip 3: Build Your Staples
I try to have a wardrobe of staples like trench coat, black pants, ballet flats, striped shirt that I wear to death. I fill it in with trendy items that I rotate out every season. But maintaining my basic staples it helps me to keep my closet simplified and organized.

This is the first apartment I’ve lived in since I’ve been married that has a washer and dryer (it’s heaven!) Our apartment is small so I was so happy that Method sent me some of their new laundry detergent to try out. They’ve created a higher concentrated formula so it comes in a cool little bottle that is much smaller than regular laundry detergent bottles. It is perfect for me and my tiny kitchen.

Do you have any tips for cleaning out your closet or for not accumulating too much stuff? I’d love to hear them.

This post is part of the Get Clean campaign with Martha and Method. Go here to join the project and to read more.

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

French Cleaning Supplies

There are lots of good things about America: chocolate chip cookies, allowing you to turn right on a red light, and our national treasure: actor, Luke Wilson. But one area where France appears to be beating us is how they approach cleaning supplies. I took these pictures at a local department store, BHV. It is aisles and aisles of the prettiest cleaning supplies you’ve ever seen. It’s like the Martha Stewart stylists set up these displays. Beautiful wooden handles with natural bristles, feather dusters with graceful handles, brooms that look so quintessentially “broom-ish.” Who knows why the French need so many bottle brushes, but here I am wanting to buy five of them, just because they are beautiful. These products actually make me want to clean. (Also those feather dusters make me want to get a French Maid costume!)

What motivates you to clean (other than notices from the health department?) Pretty products? Nice smells? Pretty wooden brooms? Also, can you answer the question: why do French people need so many bottle brushes?