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Spain, Portugal, Morocco Part 3

Here is the last of our vacation photos from our two week trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Today I’m sharing pictures from Sevilla, Arcos, Tarifa, and Tangier. Sevilla was magical. Orange trees everywhere and just a really pretty city in general. We loved our hotel there. We spent an extra day there doing laundry and just relaxing. After that we went to Arcos de la Frontera which was one of my favorite places ever. It is a very small town on top of a mountain. Our room had the most amazing view ever and a deck to sit on. It was gorgeous. Tarifa was next which was our crashing place for our day trip across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier.

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Spain, Portugal, Morocco Part 2

Today I wanted to share the second part of our two week trip to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco (here is the first part.) After Madrid we rented a car and drove a long 7 hour car ride to Lisbon, Portugal. I speak Portugese so I was excited to be able to use it. Lisbon is a beautiful city with lots of hills and it isn’t too big. This combined with the fact they have a look a like Golden Gate Bridge, it reminded me of San Francisco a bit. We weren’t in Lisbon too long but we did the regular tourist stops including Sao Jorge’s castle and Vasco de Gama’s tomb. We also ate lots of pasteis de nata which are little custard pies (we ate them warm sprinkled with a little cinnamon.) They were delicious. In Bairro Alto we went to an awesome store that sells the handmade shoes I’m obsessed with (address is below.) We tried to go to Sintra but just ran out of time so we’ll have to go next time. After Lisbon we drove a few hours to a teeny tiny adorable beach town called Salema that sits on the southern most tip of Portugal. Since it was the off season it was pretty desserted. It was so great to get out of a city and have a good beach day. We made a quick trip to nearby Cape Sagres where there is a lot of exploration history and where they believed the earth ended.

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Spain, Portugal, Morocco Part 1

Last month we went on a two week trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. We were even able to do it on a pretty respectable budget. We rented out our flat while we were gone to offset the hotel costs and we were able to get cheap plane tickets from EasyJet. The last part of our trip we rented a car and we got a really cheap rate from Europcar since we are members. We only took a little work off and spent evenings working on the computer. The cost of food was much cheaper than in Paris so after all was said and done our main expenses were museums and transportation costs.  Traveling with kids was fun but of course was slower and a different kind of trip than if we went by ourselves. Even though it is harder I’m a big believer in not waiting until your kids are grown to travel. There will always be excuses so it’s one of those things you just have to do or you’ll never go.

I split the photos up into three posts since there were so many, the first one below is of Barcelona and Madrid. We flew from Paris to Barcelona and then took a train from Barcelona to Madrid. A map of our itinerary and my recommendations are at the bottom.

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