The Neutral Store

I first found the Neutral Store through a lovely blog called Forty Sixth at Grace. Unless you can read Japanese, the navigation on the site takes a little guess work. I am really inspired by the objects in the store. They are all just so simple and beautiful.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs always has cute furniture. Some of the prices are pretty reasonable too.


Speaking of maps…I’m still on the hunt for more globes to add to my collection. I found all of these on ebay. The nice thing about ebay is everything is right at your fingertips. The prices are a bit higher than a flea market but that is the price of convenience.

Martha Stewart Crafts

I’m still in shock about how amazing the Martha Stewart Craft line is. I am also impressed by the reasonable price points. I usually blog about stuff I’m excited about or inspired by and I really think I could blog about a different MS Craft item everyday for a long time. This Baker’s twine is great if you want a variety and don’t want a huge spool like it is generally sold in. If you haven’t trolled the site yet, it is captivating.

Screen Printing Made to Look Easy

If I ever get around to it, I’m going to turn this half finished laundry sketch into a big silkscreened poster.

Now I just have to buy all the stuff needed, build my screens, and follow the instructions listed here very carefully. Thanks Barry’s Farm!

(I wish Gocco could print poster sized…)