Secret Cardigan Source

If there is one item of clothing I can be accused of wearing too much, it would be the cardigan. I have them in just about every color and style. If I want to give them personality, I add a pretty ribbon as a belt or a cool appliqué iron-on {voila! insta-anthropologie}

Anyway, I ordered both of these a few months ago and I LOVE how they look and feel. So I thought I would share my new secret source. They are only $16 a pop. Buy them here and here.

P.s.: I originally found these through Emilystyle

More Wrapping Paper

I saw this Marimekko wrapping paper in person this weekend. It is more than I like to spend on paper but I bought some for small presents.

Happy Birthday Liz

Today is my sister-in-law, Liz’s birthday. She has asked me three times for the name of this cakeplate company so I am officially posting it now just for her. I hope Jared spends the whole $150 and gets you all three colors in both sizes.

Jewelry Mart

The Gift Center and Jewelry Mart in San Francisco is a huge building with tons of showrooms for store owners to buy their merchandise. You can’t even get in the front door without a special permit and you can’t buy anything without a resellers license. Yesterday I got to go Christmas Shopping there with my old boss. She has a good friend who owns a jewelry showroom so we got a sweet hookup.

I chose a few pieces I am “interested in” so Paul can go back later and surprise me. I can’t wait for Christmas!

Chronicle Books 40% Off

Chronicle Books is having a huge sale. 40% off until December 10th. Chronicle is my favorite publisher. I love their books so much but the also have the most amazing gift line.