I love wrapping presents almost more than the actual presents. I’ve put together a series of wrapping guides where I share my favorite sources. For the most part I try to use cheap wrapping paper and ribbon and then fill it in with the occasional special materials. (I wish I could wrap every box in $5/yard ribbon but it gets cost prohibitive.) This is all stuff I have in my wrapping supplies I’ve linked to it where available. The Paper Mart Ribbon is my favorite just because it is really affordable.

A. PAPER: Ikea Red Stripe Wrapping Paper $2/roll
A. RIBBON: Paper Mart single faced Satin Ribbon $2.50/100 yards

B. PAPER: Soft Green Polka Dot Wrapping Paper by American Crafts
B. RIBBON: Lime Green Grosgrain from The Ribbonerie

C. PAPER: Ikea Red Wrapping Paper $1/Roll
C. RIBBON: Paper Mart Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon $3.50/50 yards

D. PAPER: Ikea Red Polka Dot Wrapping Paper $2/roll
D. RIBBON: Paper Mart Red Grosgrain Ribbon $4.70/50 yards

E. PAPER: Ikea Red Wrapping Paper $1/Roll
E. RIBBON: Paper Mart Striped Ribbon $4.44/25 yards

F. PAPER: Green Ikea Wrapping Paper (from last year)
F. RIBBON: Dark Green Grosgrain from The Ribbonerie

G. PAPER: Navy Blue Kraft Box from The Packaging Store
G. RIBBON: Red Striped Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

H. PAPER: Ikea Navy Stripe Wrapping Paper $2/roll
H. RIBBON: Dark Green Two Tone Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

I. PAPER: Polka Dot Paper from Paper Source (not currently on website)
I. RIBBON: White wired ribbon from Paper Mart $4.23/25 yards

J. PAPER: Red Kraft Box from The Packaging Store
J. RIBBON: Detailed Red/White Ribbon from The Ribbonerie

Papel Picado

This etsy shop that sells papel picado is a great find, they will even do a custom banner, which is pretty awesome. The baby mama banner makes me laugh. I am picturing a party with these, a taco truck, and some of

WPA Posters

Have you heard of WPA posters they are beautifully designed and would be cute in a kids room. There’s a pretty great collection from the Library of Congress you can find here.


The Ribbonerie is on my list of must-sees for people when visiting San Francisco, of course just if you like an entire store choc full of exquisite, lovely, and vintage ribbons. I snapped this photo with my phone when I was in there this week. So pretty. Owning a ribbon shop is the kind of thing I’d like to do when I grow old.

Have a good weekend and if you like check out the Babble posts I wrote this week, there are some real gems.

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Fame Retail

These advertisements by Fame are great, I love the simple, vintage design. Pastrami Jack’s has since closed but the posters are timeless!