Crepe Paper Source

Here in Paris I get my crepe paper folds from BHV. In the US I get them locally in the Bay Area from Castle in the Air (including my favorite duplex crepe paper from Germany.) But I just noticed a new online source the other day at Paper Mart. I use them all the time for packaging and saw their huge crepe paper color selection (over 36 colors!) It’s nice to know there are good sources for when I move back.


Modern Party Dishes

One of my favorite sources for entertaining dishes is CB2. I like them because they make dishes in really exaggerated shapes like tall and skinny or super short and wide. (You can see I used them here at my fondue party.) The shapes feel modern so you could serve soup in the little fat cups with tiny spoons or have the tall glasses lined up in a row with stripey straws. I also like them because they are pretty cheap. Everything shown here is around $3/piece so its not the end of the world if one breaks. I started small and added a few more pieces every time I had a party and it was really easy to grow a nice little collection of party dishes.

Appetizer plates/ Mini Bowl / Dana Cooler I also love their serving dishes like the Cuatro Platters and the Bento Platters.

Tail of the Yak

This is my favorite store ever. Its located in Berkeley, California right across the bay from San Francisco. I hesitate to put up photos a little bit only because its this special place that (usually) doesn’t allow photos so I feel like I’m putting up a spoiler because  you ever get the chance to go there it is like another world. I take people here when they come from out of town, and they always ask what kind of store it is and I’ve stopped trying to explain it because its unlike any other place I’ve ever been to. The owner and most of the people that work there are paper artists so the displays are incredible and always changing. It really is the most incredible and inspiring place I’ve ever been to.

All photos by La Dolfina

La Droguerie

I was looking for a store to buy household items yesterday and I got a little lost and ended up discovering a store called “The Drugstore” or La Droguerie. I went inside and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. It is a store that has ribbon, beads, yarn, feathers and various little sundries for creative projects. It is very large and the selection is really unbelievable, better than anywhere I’ve been. The pictures aren’t great because I don’t think pictures are allowed so I was trying to be a little sneaky. It is everything you would expect from a store like this in Paris. Think: rows and rows of jars of beads, gorgeous bins of feathers, and the prettiest colors of yarn I’ve ever seen. I especially loved the painted bench! If you are into creative things and visiting Paris you must stop by this store.

La Droguerie | 9 Rue Jour 75001 Paris | Métro : Étienne Marcel

The best thing about Paris so far is what happens when you get lost. You go out to buy hangers and a garbage can and find a great place like this.


Here is Round 2 Luxe edition of my gift guide. These I use when I want to wrap something special for someone who will really appreciate it. The marbled papers I save for small packages to make it go farther and use the cheaper paper on the big boxes. I even tried my hand at using some watercolored paper for wrapping. (I love how it turned out.) This year I love pops of fluorescent because they feel fun and fancy. Sources and links below.

A. PAPER: Silver Ikea Wrapping Paper $2/roll
A. RIBBON: Hot Pink double faced Satin Ribbon from Fantasticos $3.90/25 yards

B. PAPER: Copper Textured Wrapping Paper from The Container Store
B. RIBBON: Gold Ribbon from Castle in the Air

C. PAPER: Marbled Paper $9/Roll
C. RIBBON: Wired Ribbon from Paper Mart $3.50/50 yards

D. PAPER: Water Colored Paper (I made myself!)
D. RIBBON: Silver Ribbon from The Ribbonrie

E. PAPER: Fluorescent Green Tissue Paper from Fantasticos $1
E. RIBBON: Chartreuse Ribbon from Paper Source

F. PAPER: Marbled Paper from Paper Mojo $15/sheet
F. RIBBON: Magenta Single face Stain Ribbon from Paper Mart $3/100 yards

G. PAPER: Coppery Brown Paper from Ikea (last year)
G. RIBBON: Chocolate Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards

H. PAPER: Japanese Folded Box from Tail of the Yak $3
H. RIBBON: Green Double Face Satin from Paper Mart $8.80/50 yards