Osborne & Little

Osborne and Little wallpapers make me want to put wallpaper on every surface I own.

Jamali Garden Supplies

San Francisco has a flower center where you can get flowers and vases and everything you need for throwing a party. But not everyone lives near a flower center, that is where Jamali Garden Supplies comes in handy. They have really affordable vases etc. This is perfect for anyone planning a wedding or party.

Paper Source

I stopped by Paper Source and picked up some more paper. I love that store. They always have the greatest stuff, especially during the holidays.

Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a boutique out of Oregon. They have hands down, the prettiest clothes I’ve ever seen. The price points aren’t always consistent. For example: this wonderful dress costs $473 and the shoes cost $68. I want those shoes!


I’m finally getting around to finishing organizing my armoire. Does anyone know where I can get a canvas covered three drawer cube, like in the picture? It needs to be about 15″ square or else stackable drawers would work too.

{picture from Martha}