Wooden Cake Plates

There are so many beautiful wooden cakeplates and pedestals out there these days. I like them because it makes a cake look a little more organic and rough than a shiny white cakestand. Here is a little round up of some of my favorites. Any of them strike your fancy?

A. Cherry Cake Stand B. Medium Maple Pedestal C. Square Natural Beauty Cake Stand D. Large Wedding Cake Stand E. Venezia Wooden Pedestal Stand F. Oak Cake Stand

Vintage String Dispensers

I have a couple of vintage string dispensers that I keep in my craft area for baker’s twine or string. They are a cool little way to display a string supply and they make me happy. They are pretty easy and inexpensive to find at flea markets and on Ebay or Etsy. Mine were about $10. If you do a quick search on vintage string holders there are some really cool options, here are a couple of my favorites.


A. Cast Iron string dispenser. Never have to spend the 3 seconds looking for the end of the string again. Think of the time you will save! You life is about to change.
B. Vintage Wooden String Holders. These aren’t real practical but I want to put them in a glass vase on my desk.
C. This gorgeous brown paper /string combo is amazing. I’ve never seen one like this before, but it is perfect.

Custom Fortune Cookies

When visitors come to town one of my favorite places to take them is the Fortune Cookie Factory on Ross Alley. Did you know that Fortune Cookies were invented in San Francisco? It’s off the beaten path in a little Chinatown alleyway. It’s in a lot of guidebooks so there is usually a tourist or two there but for the most part it is pretty empty. It isn’t well marked and if you didn’t have the address you could easily walk right by. Inside is three or four Fortune Cookie machines. The machine smooshes the little flat cookies and then they are taken off while they are still hot and folded with the fortune inside. Once they cool they stay in their shape. It’s really cool to see. I like to bring my own fortunes and they make them there on the spot for just a few dollars. Even if you don’t plan ahead they usually have slips there so you can hand write your own on the spot. If you can’t make it to Chinatown this site lets you order some online (from another vendor.)


We got back from Copenhagen yesterday and I’m feeling so inspired by all the beautiful Danish design we got to see. One of my favorite shops was HAY. I think I loved it so much because it is rare you go to a store that feels so original and fresh. I haven’t seen everything in there at lots of other stores. The store was so beautiful I would have moved in if they let me. I picked up some pretty office supplies including some gold scissors and feather pens to bring home with me.

A. Box Set | B. Gold Scissors | C. Ball of Rubberbands | D. Tower Notepads | E. Feather Pens

New Avery and Martha Stewart Line

When I saw the new Avery and Martha Stewart collaboration (it’s pretty much perfect) my first reaction was “FINALLY!” I remember looking around over five years ago for good basic organizational office supplies. There is definitely lots of “pretty” stuff out there but it is usually expensive and has too many polka dots. I wanted things that were priced the same as regular office supplies with clean and classic details. I even started my own label company (RIP Stuck Labels) because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Avery is really good with new technologies so it’s a nice marriage of taste and technology. I will definitely be using the labels for parties and weddings. The line will be available at Staples stores in February but it looks like you can buy it online right now. What do you think? Do you like it?