san francisco

I moved to San Francisco right out of college and have lived there for 7 years. To me San Francisco is the perfect city, great weather (its always cardigan weather!), incredible food, interesting + artsy people, and the best shops I've ever been to. I love the Bay Area and plan on living there forever or at least until it falls into the ocean.

Cake Show Tonight

If you are in the Bay Area tonight stop by and see our art show tonight. It’s going to be so fun. We’ll be eating lots of cake.

September 3, 2010
766 Valencia St
San Francisco


Leah Rosenberg

I’m heartbroken I missed Leah Rosenberg’s recent show at 18 Reasons in the Mission. Plus I want a piece of that rainbow cake. (Seen via Tess’s lovely blog Myrna May.)

photos from 18 Reason’s facebook album

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

This wedding is perfect. I’m not just being biased because it takes place in my lovely city. Also, for the record, vintage dresses always win. Every time. More photos right here from the new issue of Weddings. (via Snippet & Ink)

(Little known fact: When I was 20 I was an intern at SF City Hall with the events department there. I think it is the most beautiful building in San Francisco and totally worth a visit if you are in town.)

The Poem Store

Zach Houston is a poet who runs the Poem Store. Basically he will write you a poem in exchange for money. We ran into Zach sitting in front of the Ferry Building on Saturday and I asked him to write a poem about Paul. I told him he was a landscape artist and this is what he wrote. We thought it was so nice. (Here is an article about Zach from the SF Chronicle.) I love it when people do fun and creative things. (I would love to hire him to have at a party.)

Heath Ceramics

I was able to take advantage of the Heath Ceramics sale last weekend. I’d been saving up for new dishes since their last sale 6 months ago. We are spoiled here in the Bay Area because we can go to the Factory Store in Sausalito where they sell their seconds (dishes with small imperfections). I get excited every time I open my cupboards and see the dishes all pretty and organized. If you aren’t familiar with Heath you can read their story here. The next sale is around Thanksgiving.

photos from sonryo and Dwell