san francisco

I moved to San Francisco right out of college and have lived there for 7 years. To me San Francisco is the perfect city, great weather (its always cardigan weather!), incredible food, interesting + artsy people, and the best shops I've ever been to. I love the Bay Area and plan on living there forever or at least until it falls into the ocean.

Best Things to Eat in San Francisco – Part 2

Here is round two of the Best Things to Eat in San Francisco.

Corned Beef Sandwich with Cabbage and Gruyere from The Sentinel.

And Glazed Donuts from Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop.

See part one of our project right here.

Photography by Nicole Gerulat
Styling by me

Tail of the Yak

My favorite store ever is Tail of the Yak in Berkeley. When people ask me to describe it I have a hard time because it is so different than any store I’ve been to. They don’t let you take pictures {trust me I’ve asked} but occasionally some make it out, like these from flickr. I saw these on the RubyPR blog and thought they deserved their own post, they capture a little bit of how amazing this store is.

Film is Not Dead: San Francisco

Jonathan Canlas announced some exciting news this week. Remember last November when we went to Hawaii for the Film is not Dead photography workshop? Well the next workshop has been announced and it will be held here in the beautiful city of San Francisco this summer in July. Even better, the classroom portions will be held in our new art studio in the Mission. There are only good things to say about this workshop, if you have the chance to take it I highly recommend it. Jonathan is so open about everything during the workshop and everyone who takes the workshop comes back with rave reviews (including Paul.) Go check out the fancy new website for more information.

{p.s.: Jonathan took our family photos this summer see here.}

SF Guide

I’m in the process of putting together a comprehensive San Francisco guide. I’ve wanted to put this together for a long time so yesterday I went around with Aubrey Trinnaman to several neighborhoods to get pictures of my favorite spots. We are half done and will hopefully have the final project up in the next week or two. Here is a polaroid I came home with.