Happy News!

We found out a few days ago that our French Visas were approved and come January 31st we’ll be moving to Paris for a year! I bought our one-way nonrefundable tickets today so it is official. It is so strange to me that all you have to do to move to France is to do it. That sounds funny but I sort of thought someone would stop us and tell us we can’t.

The last few years have been rough since we’ve dealt with Roman’s surgeries and the stress of medical bills so I’m really looking forward to a year of slowing down, spending time with my family, and experiencing the “joie de vivre” of France.

photo from Flickr (and actually its from Italy) but I liked the photo.

Paul will continue to paint and freelance as a designer and I will continue as a freelance writer/blogger. We were happily surprised to find out that rent is actually cheaper in Paris than in San Francisco!

Mouse Ears

Here is a hilarious picture of Roman from our Disneyland trip last week. That picture on the right cracks me up every time I look at it.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Here is a picture of my family from my friend, Rebecca’s wedding. She made a photobooth inspired by Chalotte Mann’s trompe l’oeil style walls. It turned out really cute. This photo was taken by Clay Brown but I have to give a shout out to Angela Smith the photographer who took the photobooth photos at the reception in LA. She saved the day at the last minute and was a dream to work with. If you need an LA based wedding photographer, check her out.

I also write for, here are this week’s posts:

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I’m in love with this bottle. Confetti!
They took the words right out of my mouth.

Sponsored Post: Ittikid

Ittikid was started in 2007 by Danish born designer, Melanie Miller. After selling her Los Angeles based family lifestyle store yolk in 2006, Melanie, along with husband Hus, and son Oliver, moved to Northern California to be closer to family, and to try their hand at Country living! Ittikid was born shortly thereafter. I love the graphic prints and I always get compliments when I dress little Roman in their jumpsuits (see picture below).

New Face

I realized this morning I hadn’t ever posted pictures of Roman post-surgery. This picture is from 10 days after his operation. The surgery went well and it is kind of amazing how fast he healed. We love his new little face.

Also, in case you missed it, here are some “before pictures” and here is the post when we found out he would be born with a cleft.