project wedding

Tiny Tassels DIY

I was experimenting the other day with my medium of choice: crepe paper! And I tried my hand at making some tiny Confetti System inspired tassels. These would be adorable for little favors. Crepe paper is so great to work with because there is no need to use glue and you don’t have to spend time poofing out the tassel like with tissue paper. See the whole DIY at Project Wedding.

photos by Oh Happy Day

Digging in the Archives

I was archiving old photos and I came across some projects I’ve worked on the last few years. This was a soda pop bar I made for Project Wedding a few years ago. Want to hear something funny: I’ve noticed that some of my favorite ideas have come in the springtime. Something about the weather warming up inspires me. I think it’s a sign I need to live in warm weather. I’ll be sharing a few more from deep in the archives in the next few weeks.

All photos by Oh Happy Day

Lemon Leaf Garland DIY

Lemon Leaf Garland looks so great during the holidays. It is easy to do yourself. Here is the DIY I made earlier this year for Project Wedding.

Pinwheel Escort Cards

Here is my new article for Project Wedding. We used floral origami paper to make easy pinwheels and then created a little pinwheel rack so guests could pick them off the wall. The whole project is really easy and costs less than $20.

Photos/Styling/Concept by Jordan Ferney for Project Wedding.
Thanks to Brooke Berger for modeling.

Flag Sculptures

This is my most recent article for Project Wedding. I made simple flags on dowels then dipped them into an Elmers glue mixture and let them dry and then they stand out straight like little flag sculptures. These would be really cute lining a pathway or just sprinkled around the sidelines of your reception or party.

Special thanks to Alexis for assisting and Adele for modeling.