pro tip

Pro Tip: How To Remove a Christmas Tree without Excessive Vacuuming

Maybe it’s just me, but I vacuumed my living room 3 times the day we take the tree out and I still find pine needles around. Those little guys get everywhere. This Pro Tip took me a few years to figure out. I would always take our tree out after Christmas and the poor dead thing would leave a trail of needles directly from our apartment door to the front of the building. (So there was no option to even have bad manners and blame it on your neighbor.) We keep these $1 plastic wraps on hand for messy projects. Just wrap up the ol’ tree before you take it out, simple as pie and no long vacuuming sessions.

Pro Tip: Christmas Lights Stored in a Ball

I’m starting a column that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Whenever I figure something out or have a clever way to do something I always joke and follow it up by saying “Pro-tip by Jordan Ferney.” I thought it would be great to have a place where people can share things they come up with. Just small details that make life a bit easier. Here is the first one.

When I worked for Stanlee Gatti, the event planner, we used twinkly lights all the time. He would store each strand wrapped up in a ball. It’s genius because they never get tangled. You just start at the side without the plug and then wrap it up over and over onto itself. It’s important to leave the plug side free because otherwise how will you plug them in and take cute photos of you and your family with glowy balls of lights?

Paperwhites and Booze

I was in The Gardener last week and I was complaining to the guy selling the paperwhites that mine grew too tall and tipped over. He told me about this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Apparently if you add 1/10th part alcohol to the water the paperwhites stay short but still produce fluffy fragrant blooms. So when I give my paperwhites away I will include a mini bottle of whisky.