Ice Cream Cone Pinatas DIY

Summer’s just around the corner. And these pinatas are perfect for a summertime party. They can be used as decorations, fill them with gifts and give to each person or you could fill them with candy for some traditional fun. We made them with balloons, paper mache, and my favorite crepe paper fringe. Try pairing them with my favorite Ice Cream Cone Garland for a fully themed event!

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Easter Egg Pinatas DIY

Since little balloons make the perfect egg shape, we couldn’t resist making these Easter egg pinatas. We decided to use 5-inch balloons so each child at our Easter party could have their own pinata. Then, we filled them up with candy eggs. But if you’re trying to avoid sweets, confetti is another fun alternative. I can’t wait to see the creative ways they use to break them open! (Love pinatas like I do? Then don’t miss all our DIY pinatas right here!)


Pot of Gold Pinata DIY & Rainbow Yarn Trail

I remember fantasizing about finding pots of gold and seeing leprechauns when I was a kid but the holiday always felt a little disappointing when I realized all we were doing was pinching the kids not wearing green. This year for St. Patrick’s day we decided to make a Pot of Gold Piñata and fill it with chocolate gold coins. To find the Pot of Gold we had the kids follow a rainbow thread trail around the house. It really added to the excitement of the piñata. (ps: this is a version of last year’s  Yarn Trail Installation, and one we did for Paul’s birthday three years ago.) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Italic Monogram Pinata DIY

It is no secret I have a tiny obsession with piñatas. But sometimes I think it is a shame to hit them to pieces because they are so pretty. Lately I’ve been using them a little differently, as presents. I make a smallish piñata (about 11″ tall) and then fill it with treats then give them to a friend for a birthday or special occasion. I love them because it doesn’t take much time 1-2 hours (an evening of movie watching) and they feel really special to give. One of my friends even keeps hers on her desk year round as decoration.

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DIY Pink Party Hat Pinata

by Jenny Batt

So, I was just sitting around the other day noticing how many grocery ads came in the mail the other day and I wondered what I could do with it. Why not make a pinata? So I grabbed my winter sale flyers and a few extra party hats and got to work. January will be a little more fun this year.

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