Christian Oth Studio

Rachel found these beautiful photographs from Christian Oth Studio. They are GORGEOUS. I recognized that first photo from the cover of the book FĂȘte.


At the Kirtsy party we set up a “photo booth” area and hired my photog friend Juliann to take the photos. I didn’t have time to gather very much dress up stuff but at the last minute Guy Kawasaki’s wife volunteered her fabulous rack of dress up clothes. It was great. See all the photos here.

Juliann Wheeler Photography

Juliann Wheeler is another one of my talented former-roommates. I LOVE these engagement photos she took at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. She just started a blog–yipee!

Ferris Wheel

Paul took this polaroid at the fair.

Salt Flats

Paul took this polaroid while driving across the Salt Flats. Click on the photo to see it bigger.