Engagement Photos

I’ve been printing my good friend Rebecca’s wedding invitations the last week. We got on the subject of my wedding and it made me go through old wedding photos. These are the engagement photos my old roommate Aubrey took. They feel a little bit trendy to me now but when we took them we felt so cutting edge. I still love that skirt to death.

Flower Polaroids

I fell into Jen Gotch’s flickr stream again the other day. I am so inspired by all the flower Polaroids. If you haven’t seen them or even seen them for a while they are worth another peek.

China Beach

Friday the weather was nice so we went to the beach. Paul took the afternoon off and joined us. He brought along our fun big instant camera. It is big and heavy so it is a treat when we actually take it with us and get to use it. These aren’t retouched, just straight out of the camera. (See more about the camera here and here.)

Photos by Paul Ferney

Jonathan Canlas Family Photos

My friend Jonathan Canlas is doing some charity shoots for a friend who has cancer. From his site:

From NOW UNTIL JUNE any and all family portrait sessions will be donated to Sarah’s treatments. Also, a special proofing site will be set up where all reprint orders totals will go to her as well. If we reach the goal of $10k raised, every family who participates in the benefit will receive a 5×7 disc from their shoot ($900 value).


Last time Jonathan a charity shoot like this for Stephanie we had our family photos taken. If there are at least four families then Jonathan will travel to your city. (And you can split the travel fee.) Jonathan only shoots film which gives the photos a gorgeous look that is hard to recreate with digital cameras. See his family pricing here.

Birth Photos

Aubrey sent over the rest of the photos from the birth so I thought I would share a few here. I love having these photos, I am so glad we had a photographer there.

Ps: As we were walking out the door to the hospital these flowers from my favorite florist Birch were delivered to our house for Valentines Day. Paul was very happy that he killed two birds with one stone and only had to to buy flowers once instead of twice for V-day and the birth. Aren’t they pretty?

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman