Bon Voyage Party

I loved these photos from Rubi and Stanton’s going away party (they are our new friends that just moved here to Paris.) Rubi specifically didn’t want a “French themed” party but her friends Ryan and Kimberly told her “too bad thats what we’re doing.” They put together a fantastic over-the-top French themed party. I think that if you are going to do a party theme thats been done before you have to go really big to make it turn out awesome. This one looked so fun! I love the photobooth. They just got a grey wall, some Kinkos blow up pictures taped to the wall and some props. You can see more pictures from this party here and here. The best part is they called the party “CeleBERETion of Frenchip.” hehe

photos and party planned by Ryan and Kimberly Simmons

Photobooth Props Set #2 Free Printable

There was such a good response to the first set of photobooth props that I asked  Alexis and Lauren to help me put together a new one. It’s so easy to do. All you have to do is print out the download, glue it to foam core, and add a stick! You’ve got an instant party!  All the detailed instructions are right here on the other post. Just click on the button below to download. Easy peasy.

Thanks to Aubrey Trinnaman for the photos and to Alexis Birkmeyer for helping me pull everything together. A special thanks to Lauren Stiebler for the illustrations and to Rebecca Wright for pulling all the models together.

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

Baby Picture Photobooth DIY

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Today is the last post in the Series of Photographer’s Guide to Party Photobooths. I’ve loved doing these so much I think I am going to make the photobooth posts a regular feature on Oh Happy Day! Today’s post we are playing with one of my favorite ideas: the giant copier at Kinkos (see other ideas here, here, and here.) In this project you take a baby photo of the birthday boy or girl and blow it up for a photobooth backdrop. In ours we put giant white circles on the back ground and then painted them in like giant confetti. This would work great for a birthday or even a 50th anniversary. Its a fun way to remember a special occasion and save memories.

How to make A Giant Blow-Up Photobooth

Materials Needed: Baby Picture, Photocopier at Kinkos, Acrylic Paint and paint brush.

Step 1: You’ll need to decide how wide you want your photobooth. Figure how many people you want to fit in and how tall you want it. Then figure out how many sheets from kinkos you’ll need to print off.  Kinko’s prints 48″ wide and as long as you’d like since the length comes off a roll.

Step 2: Time to lay out your backdrop. We used Photoshop to do the layout but really you don’t need it and can do a collage by hand then take in the hard copy to have blown up. Get a baby photo that has been scanned. You don’t need anything super high resolution but you’ll need it higher than the photos you’d get off the internet. Once you’ve set your layout up print it out on printer paper or take the file into Kinkos on a thumb drive. You’ll want to keep the design black and white because using a color printer makes the price go from affordable to astronomically expensive.

Step 3. Take your layouts in to Kinkos and have them blown up. Its really easy to do but have the Kinkos employee show you how if you have any questions. It costs 75 cents/sq ft so the whole cost of this was about $47.

Step 4. You’ll need to trim the border off the photo copies then its ready to paint. We added some touches of acrylic paint to make it a little more colorful.

Step 5. Hang your posters with secure tape that won’t damage the walls. Et voilà! Add a photographer and you’re ready for your party!

A special thanks to Shutterfly for sponsoring these photobooth posts. Thanks to Aubrey for the photos, to Alexis Birkmeyer for pulling it all together and to Rebecca Wright for gathering the beautiful people of San Francisco for models.

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

Photobooth Props DIY and Free Printable

This post is part of a campaign I’m doing with Shutterfly on How to Make a Great Photobooth. Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving DIY tips on how to make them. Every good party needs a photobooth! The best photobooths have props so your guests can cut loose and get silly. If you’ve moved on from just moustaches (so 2009!) here is a DIY to make a whole slew of 15 photobooth props (can you spy the hat from Kate and Will’s wedding?-very 2011!) The best part? There is a free downloadable pdf so all you need to do is print and your guests will be saying “cheese” in no time! You can find the directions and free download below!

8.5×11 paper and 11×17 inch paper if you want to make the bigger pieces.
Foam core
Spray Mount
Exacto Knife

Step One: Click on the free printable button (at the bottom of this post) and print out pictures of the props.

Step Two: Using the spray mount adhere the paper to the foam core.

Step Three: Using a sharp exacto knife cut out the shapes of the props.

Step Four: Tape the dowel to the backside of the prop. Voila! You’ve got your very own set of photobooth props!

Click on the button below to download the free printables.

Thanks to Aubrey Trinnaman for the photos and to Alexis Birkmeyer for helping me pull everything together. A special thanks to Lauren Stiebler for the illustrations.

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

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