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You've got a party to throw? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find our favorite party ideas. Showers, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, and Weddings all in one spot! Ideas we came up with and links to the best ones on the web.

Year in Review 2014 | April – June

Here are our favorite posts from the spring. I always get a fresh wave of inspiration during this time of the year. This spring, we finished some of the rooms in our new home, traveled to China, France & Morocco, and worked on a bunch of fun projects in the studio. Our team put together some great posts for Easter, Mother’s Day, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Father’s Day, and 4th of July. Did you try any? (PS - Part 1 of our 2014 Year in Review.)


1. Jelly Bean Garland | 2. Grilled Cheese Party | 3. Printable Birthday Pull Card | 4. Printable Iron-On Bunny Bags | 5. Woodland Party Invitations | 6. Punched Leaf  Napkin Rings


7. Floral Mom Cupcake Topper | 8. Floral Design Craft Night | 9. Mini Mother’s Day Trophies | 10. Mini Cactus Pinatas | 11. Woodland Creature Favors | 12. Our Pantry Renovation


13. Maypole DIY | 14. Giant Diploma Graduation Gift | 15. Printable Floral Gift Wrap | 16. Washi Tape Boxes | 17. Printable Mother’s Day Banner Kit | 18. Printable Cookie (Monster) Bags


19. The Boys New Room | 20. Cotton Candy Invitations | 21. Modern Spiderman Party | 22. Bon Voyage Party Invitations | 23. Cupcake Liner Flower Bobeches | 24. Hardware Store Garland


25. Message Candle Centerpieces | 26. Jumbo Popsicle Garland | 27. Printable Drink Palms | 28. Giant Color Fight | 29. Beach Cake Toppers | 30. Iron-On Veggie Bags


31. 4th of July Dynamite Party Favors | 32. Printable Moving Announcements | 33. Oh Baby Tablecloth | 34. Bubble Relay Race | 35. 4th of July Dynamite Garland | 36. Ice Cream Cone Buddies

Year in Review 2014 | January – March

Each December we like to do a 4-part series that highlights our favorite projects from the past year.  It’s always fun to go through the archives. We feel so lucky to have an awesome team of contributors. Anyway, without further ado here are our favorite posts from January through March.


1. Birthday in a Can | 2. Sweet Lips Printable Photo Props | 3. How to Edge Paint Stripes | 4. Kite Party Invitations | 5. Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake Toppers | 6. Olympic Drink Stirrers


7. Valentines Day Candle Centerpieces | 8. Studio Kitchen Makeover | 9. Sprinkle Cake DIY | 10. Donut Printables | 11. Dot Wall DIY | 12. Matchbox Birthday Card


13. Carnival Cake Topper | 14. Circus Party Hats | 15. 3-D Birthday Banner | 16. Papier Mache Lit Garland | 17. Tightrope Walker Cake Topper | 18. Leprechaun Hat Favors


19. Honeycomb Pinata Favors | 20. Shamrock Money Cakes | 21. Conversation Bunnies | 22. April Fools Mini Lunch Prank | 23. Necklace Craft Night | 24. Printable Mini Easter Egg Boxes


25. Peanut Bunny Favors | 26. Screenprinting Craft Night | 27. Easy Streamer Garlands | 28. Our Studio Ribbon Wall | 29. Corn Husk Carrots | 30. Pretty Paper Party Horns

Printable Popcorn Poppers

by Alix Sorrell

This New Years, surprise your friends with poppers that are filled with… popcorn! These poppers are easy to assemble and can be made in any color you choose. You’re friends will love these treats even if they are a bit “corny.” Ha!

Printable Popcorn Poppers | Oh Happy Day! Printable Popcorn Poppers | Oh Happy Day! Printable Popcorn Poppers | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions…


Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Say “hello!” with this pretty party sign.
2. These calendars are SO good (and free to print!)
3. Don’t forget to pick up a few of these before they sell out!
4. Such a fun wall installation. Wouldn’t it make a great photobooth backdrop?
5. I’ll never get tired of paper fans in pretty colors.

Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY

Here is a little idea that would be perfect for a winter party. Even if you are having a simple get together, a little attraction like a hot cocoa bar is fun and easy way to add something more interesting than a usual spread. I’ve never made homemade marshmallows and I asked my friend Andrea to show me how. She made these amazing striped marshmallows for us (recipe below) that is not only beautiful but delicious. We set up this bar with candies and cookies to mix into the hot cocoa but you could also have some spiking options to turn the hot chocolate into an adult friendly beverage. We bought all the ingredients for our bar from Boxed (they are sponsoring this post!) which is a great online shopping site that allows users to get warehouse club prices, like Costco – without any membership fees. They have a great variety of brands including Annie’s, Mrs. Meyers and Honest Co so you can get all your household, cleaning & grocery supplies for the holidays by just using their smart phone app.  Plus, they do all the heavy lifting! Once your order’s been made, they deliver everything right to your doorstep. Your package will arrive in 2 days or less and shipping is free for your first order (after that on orders over $75.) We decided to use their service to plan a big holiday hot chocolate party. We needed supplies in bulk, so Boxed was the perfect solution. It was so easy and left us with tons of extra time to make a batch of fresh marshmallows before the party started! Click through below for all the party details and for our DIY striped marshmallow recipe!

Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY | Oh Happy Day!Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY | Oh Happy Day! Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY | Oh Happy Day! Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY | Oh Happy Day! Hot Cocoa Bar + Marshmallow DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions…