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You've got a party to throw? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find our favorite party ideas. Showers, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, and Weddings all in one spot! Ideas we came up with and links to the best ones on the web.

52 Dinner Parties

One of my goals for the new year is to throw more dinner parties. The goal is actually more specific, I want to throw 52 dinner parties. I’m not actually holding myself to a weekly goal but I want to do 4-5 a month. I’m not planning on all of them being big and fancy, I read this article about this woman who does a weekly casual dinner with her friends. I found it completely inspiring. I have two main motivations for this goal. The first is, we finally have a dining room. I spent the last decade of my life without a real dining room and now we have a nice big one! I still feel really inexperienced cooking for lots of people and I want to get really good. I want to be a professional-dinner-party-thrower. The second motivation is I always meet people and think “we should have them over.” But then I never make time to actually make it happen. If I have some dates set on the calendar I think it will be more motivation to spend time with friends, make new ones and make our community bigger and stronger.

The pictures below are from my Instagram. I hosted a “Serial” Dinner Party last week. I asked my friends on Facebook who wanted to come and discuss the Serial Podcast and the next thing I knew I had 14 people coming over to my house! It was a really fun evening. For dinner we had parsnip soup, spicy meatballs, lemon pasta, salad, roasted carrots and chocolate cake. I foraged some olive branches to decorate the table and used my pretty Mud Australia dishes and West Elm gold silverware. We had a great time and I’ve been trying to keep notes about what worked and what didn’t so I learn and get better each party. I would love to learn what your tricks are for dinner parties? Please leave tips in the comments below!

Dinner Party | Oh Happy Daydinner-party-2Dinner Party | Oh Happy DayDinner Party | Oh Happy DayDinner Party | Oh Happy DayDinner Party | Oh Happy Day

photos by @ohhappyday

Beehive Cloche

by Ashley Page Norton 

So many of my friends are having kids these days that I find myself working on baby showers all the time. Here is a cute idea for a party with a honey bee theme – perfect for a shower or a kid’s birthday. Making this beehive cloche is super simple, as it uses items you probably have on hand. They’ll be a great handmade touch to a bright, sunny party!

Beehive Cloche | Oh Happy Day! Beehive Cloche | Oh Happy Day! Beehive Cloche | Oh Happy Day! Beehive Cloche | Oh Happy Day!

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Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. The cutest gift tags I’ve ever seen.
2. So pretty!
3. Nailed it! These decorations are perfection.
4. For special occasions (or just because…)
5. Hang this up at your next dinner party!

Valentine’s Day Mini Cakestand

by Ashley Page Norton 

I love all things miniature, and this tiny cakestand is an adorable addition to a Valentine’s Day party. Make these individual cupcake stands for all your Valentines – they look so cute topped with treats like doughnuts, chocolates, cookies, or whatever you’re serving! (PS – More Valentine’s Day ideas right here!)

Valentine's Day Mini Cakestand | Oh Happy Day!Valentine's Day Mini Cakestand | Oh Happy Day!Valentine's Day Mini Cakestand | Oh Happy Day!Valentine's Day Mini Cakestand | Oh Happy Day!Valentine's Day Mini Cakestand | Oh Happy Day!

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Year in Review 2014 | October – December

Here’s the final post in our 2014 Year in Review.  Thank you to all the readers who read and support Oh Happy Day. We had a great year and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Happy New Year! (PS – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our 2014 Year in Review.)


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