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DIY Easy Crepe Paper Garland

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Today I’m doing a project on how to make party decorations on a budget. This project is super easy and can be made with less than $6 in materials. It would be perfect for a baby shower or a little birthday party. It’s ok if the flowers aren’t perfect. They are really forgiving and look even better if there is some variation. DIY instructions below!

Materials Needed:

Crepe Paper, Thin Gauge Wire, Scissors, Wire Cutter, and String

Step 1: Cut out the petals and the leaves. Taking stacks of the crepe paper cut out the shapes of the petals and also of the leaves. For the petals we made them 2.5″ wide and for the leaves we made them skinny about 4″ long. Take special care to get the shape you want since it makes a big difference what your flower looks like.

Step 2: Make the Flower. You need four petals for each flower. Take the first petal and roll it to make the center. Then take the second petal and wrap it around the first pinching it at the base. The last two flowers you should mold and stretch out with your thumb before adding them to the flower. Take a 5″ piece of wire and wrap it at the base of the flower to hold it in place. Leave the tail of the wire attached like a stem.

Step 3: Attach the flower to the string. Taking a few flowers and a few leaves hold them up to the string. Taking the tail of the wire fasten the leaves and flowers to the string by wrapping it around tightly. Clip off the extra wire with wire cutters. Et voilà! You have a pretty floral garland.

All photos by Oh Happy Day.

A special thanks to Katy Culver for assisting me today!

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Jihan Zencirli is the genius behind Geronimo! Balloon Company. Today on the Real Simple blog I interview her to find out more about her company. She spills details like her favorite color of balloon and how she recently went into a pool wearing heels all in the line of duty! Go here to read more.

photos by: Hak Lohn

DIY Vintage Record Cake Plates

This post is by our lovely contributor Rebecca Wright of Animal Head Vintage. All Photos by the talented photographer Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day.

I thought it would be fun to display cupcakes or other treats on records, but didn’t necessarily want my food sitting directly on a record (or the pretty paper center) since it seemed hard to wash afterwords. I decided to use two pieces of acrylic on either side of the record to really make a sturdy design that was easy to wash, AND easy to switch out the records depending on my mood or the theme of the party.


Items Needed:
Records! (you can use 12″/10″/7″)
Two pieces of clear plexiglass acrylic (cut to size, with a hole drilled directly in the middle)
A sturdy base with a flat top (I used thrifted candlesticks)
Clear screw fastener (I used 3/8 in. and cut them down a little for a perfect fit)
A strong glue

Step One: Take the plastic off your freshly cut acrylic, and place one piece on each side of your record to make sure it fits. You’ll have a little record sandwich, with the holes lined up in the middle.

Step Two: You will be attaching one of the pieces of acrylic to its base permanently, so you’ll need to glue the bigger half of the screw to the piece of acrylic that will be glued to the base, and make sure that it is good and stuck. After this step, you should have one piece of acrylic with the longer part of the screw glued into the hole, and then you’ll glue that piece of acrylic to your base. Let that glue set.


Step Three: Once the glue has hardened, place the record and the other piece of acylic onto the base acrylic, screw the plates together with your clear fastener, and make sure it holds the plate together firmly. You have a cake plate with a top layer that can be unscrewed for washing. There you go! Then just stack them for some pretty tiers!


Pro-Tips: Wondering where to get acrylic custom cut? I used TAP Plastics but check in your area for a plastic store. When you do wash acrylic, be careful not to scratch the surface. You can use recommended cleaners such as Novus #1 or Brillianize, though a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water with a soft cloth should do the trick just fine. Never use cleaners containing ammonia, such as Windex or 409.

In case you missed it: see how to make flags out of record sleeves right over here.

DIY Record Sleeve Bunting

This post is by Rebecca Wright of Animal Head Vintage. All photos by Robyn Kessler for Oh Happy Day. Stay tuned for a second DIY later today!

I run an online vintage store, which doesn’t usually leave the confines of the internet, but a few weeks ago I participated in my first pop-up shop. In-person you have to think much more about decor and presentation, so I came up with a few vintage-inspired pieces of decor to liven my space up, but I think they would also work if you were throwing a vintage or music themed party as well.

Materials Needed:
Pile of vintage 45’s with colorful sleeves
Two sided tape

Step One: Take the records out of the sleeves and iron the sleeves flat if they are wrinkled or torn

Step Two: Fold all of the sleeves in half so that a colorful side of the sleeve is showing

Step Three: Cut your string the the appropriate hanging party length. Place double-sided tape on the corners of each folded sleeve, and tape it on top of the string so that the sleeve hangs snugly on the string, but isn’t actually taped to the string.

Step Four: Repeat this process until you have a bunting banner of the desired length.

Step Five: Hang. Party on.

Pro-Tip: Trying to figure out how many sleeves you’ll need? Each “flag” will measure 9.5 inches once folded, so you should determine how long (in inches) you need your banner to be, and then divide by 10 inches.

How to Make a Number Pinata

I’m starting a new series on Oh Happy Day on how to make different pinatas! Today’s pinata DIY is how to make a number pinata, though this could easily be a letter if you wanted to spell out a (short) message. This was a very fun project to do! Pinatas are so great and you really don’t have to wait for a party to make one. I love the idea of giving someone a pinata and filling it with their favorite things. But be careful, these pinatas are so pretty its tempting not to break them and just let them hang pretty in the corner. DIY instructions below.

Materials needed: Cardboard, Exacto, Pen, Ruler, Tape, Crepe Paper, Glue

1. Making the structure. Stack two pieces of cardboard together. Draw your number and then cut through the two layers of cardboard at the same time. (Be sure to put some layers below them so your floor doesn’t get cut too! Our pinatas were about 20″ tall.

2. Cut strips of cardboard for the edging. Our strips were about 4″ thick.

3. Taking the strips tape together the top and the bottom piece on the seam. Reinforce it on the top and also on the inside.

4. When you get to an edge just make a crease in the cardboard so it bends easily. Making the structures is really easy and took about 20 minutes. These held together well after getting beaten with a stick but if I was making this for adults I would reinforce it with another layer or two of paper and glue. (Just apply glue to strips of paper and wrap the structures to give it extra support.)

5. Decorating takes longer especially if you are doing a design. Take the crepe paper and make some fringey garland. (I explain in detail how to do that here.) First cut a strip of crepe paper about 3″ thick.

6. Cut each side of the strip into little pieces of fringe.

7. Unravel it and fold it in half so it is ready to glue.

8. I made a zigzag design and a scallop design for these two numbers. To maintain the design I drew lines on the number depending on how far apart I wanted the zigzags or scallops and then used that as a guide as I laid down the fringe.

9. Start at the bottom and draw the design in glue. Take the fringe and put down a layer.

10. Repeat adding glue and then another layer of fringe on top until your design is done. This part takes a while so best to put on some Friday Night Lights in the background since its a little mindless (and definitely goes quicker with a helper.) It’s nice because the fringe looks messy so it is really forgiving if you lay something down kind of crooked.

11. Cut a section at the top too add candy and then repair with paper, glue crepe paper. To hang cut two holes at the top and thread string through.