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Favorite Party Pins: Neon

Loving these neon Pinterest ideas today. Have a great weekend guys! (PS – More party pins.)

Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day! Favorite Party Pins: Neon | Oh Happy Day!

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Ice Cream Cart

It really is starting to feel like summer, not just spring and I love it. So I have a quirky quality (much to my husband’s dismay) where I want to buy large fun items just to have them. For example if I were in the US right now I’d be trying to figure out how to get this hand pushed ice cream cart with an adorable umbrella home to my house. “Why?” you ask? I’m not sure, but look how awesome it is! I actually think this would be so fun to have at a summer wedding. Or it would be cool if you had teenagers. Stock it with popsicles, send them to a high traffic area and its like an instant summer job. In the past I’ve also tried to buy (unsuccessfully) a vintage photobooth, a mini car, and a vespa with a sidecar.  Have you ever bought something silly and fun for no good reason?

ps: I hope someone in the Chicago area buys it. It’s adorable.

Test Your Tastebuds Dinner Party

I consider myself a fan of good food … but being able to identify it all once it is cooked up and sitting on your plate is a whole different thing. For this event we pitted some of our foodie friends against one another in a “TEST YOUR TASTEBUDS” dinner party. Nobody knew what food was being served, so each course was a surprise as it came out. Guests were given cards to keep score on, and got points based on how many correct ingredients that they could identify in each course.

For this party, I enlisted the help of one of my good friends Tom Call, who has a long and impressive resume preparing food for some of SF’s finest eating establishments, and who just branched out into his own food venture, Made By Tom. I convinced him to come cook a fine meal for our guests so that they wouldn’t have suffer through my attempts at a fancy meal (which, let’s face it, would have probably been kraft mac&cheese. And, since NOBODY knows what’s in that yellow cheese powder, that just wouldn’t have worked).

To get everyone warmed up, we started off with Round 1 – the cheese plate.

Tom told me that when putting together a well-rounded cheese plate, to go with something bleu, something mold ripened, something hard, something fresh, and something aged. The folks at Cowgirl Creamery helped me pick out a tricky variety of sheep, goat and cow cheeses for our plate, and our guests had fun trying to decide which animal each cheese came from. After everyone had tasted each of the cheeses, we had a mini cheese education class while I described which cheese was which.


Finally we sat down for Round Two – a three-course dinner.

It was fun to see everyone taking their time eating each bite, trying to figure out what each of the different tastes were (and trying to sneak peeks at their neighbor’s sheet).
After we finished the meal, Tom came out and walked everyone through the ingredients of each course, giving points for correct answers. I’m glad he didn’t actually look too closely at my sheet, because the kind of “specifics” I managed to come up with were things like “creamy foam thing” instead of “lemon curd with brown butter”.
At the end of the evening we tallied our scores and the winner took home a Tartine gift certificate!
It’d be easy to scale this party down and just do a cheese plate for your guests – you’ll be surprised how hard it is to know what your food is made of!
Continue reading more about the Taste Your Testbuds Dinner Party.

Giant Polish Chandelier

I had wanted to make a Polish Chandelier since I bookmarked Laura Normandin’s a few years ago and then I was at Tail of the Yak and they had a giant one in the window. I was so inspired it went to the top of my crafting wish list. I’m pretty in love with how it turned out. I went around the house all day saying “I think thats the prettiest thing I’ve ever made”. If you’ve never heard of a polish chandy I noticed Holly did a nice post on it right here. Traditionally they are pretty small but I think these giant ones would be super cool for a wedding. You could hang one over each table. The materials are very cheap but let me warn you they are a tad labor intensive. A DIY is coming later this week.

Thanks to my friends Anne and Meg for coming over and wearing cute dresses! They are the perfect props to the chandelier.

Bicycle Wedding

I’m so excited that I can finally post some pictures from the wedding of my friends, Rebecca and Derek. They got married last fall and Martha Stewart Weddings just posted a slideshow of the day on their site. I can honestly say this was the funnest wedding I’ve ever been to. First Derek and Rebecca are lovely people and smart and talented. I helped print the invitations and with some day-of coordination but I can’t take credit for any of the genius ideas. That was all Rebecca.

They said in the invitations that there would be physical exercise and to wear comfortable clothing. But they didn’t tell everyone that they would be going on a progressive party around downtown LA on bikes! After the ceremony everybody walked around the corner and saw that there were rows and rows of rented bicycles. It was so exciting! Everyone spent some time decorating their bicycles, then we took off. The first stop was a picnic lunch at a park, the second was a stop in at the LA institution, Diddy Reese and the last stop was for toasts at a botanical garden.

All these photos were captured by the talented photographer Rachel Thurston and you can see a ton more photos and read more over at Martha (seriously I’m barely scratching the surface on the details here.)

Would all 80 guests at your wedding be game to get on a bicycle and go for a bike ride?

(All photos by Rachel Thurston)