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Our Favorite Craft Supplies: Glue

These are the types of glue that I use most often for Oh Happy Day projects. I’m a super fan of the Quick Dry Tacky Glue. I use it any time I am doing paper projects (It’s seriously the best!)

Our Favorite Craft Supplies: Glue | Oh Happy Day!

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Valentine’s Day Party Supplies

Valentine’s Day is will be here so soon! Have you stocked up supplies yet? Here are a few that I can’t wait to add to my party closet!

Valentine's Day Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!

1. Honeycomb Heart Pix | 2. Heart Straws | 3. Golden Heart Sparkler | 4. Rugby Stripe Paper Cups | 5. Red Heart Stickers | 6. Pink Confetti | 7. Red Paper Heart Garland

Cooking Party Supplies

My husband and I have been wanting to practice our culinary skills – and fall seems like the perfect time to do it. It would be so fun to host a cooking party where we could make (and eat!) a meal together with all of our friends. Here are a few things I’d want to for the perfect cooking party… now I just need a bigger kitchen!

Cooking Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!

A. Cook’s Tools Runner | B. Pantry Invitation | C. Cafe String Lights | D. Glass Infuser Dispenser | E. The Sprouted Kitchen | F. All Occasion Veneerware

A Party Animal Party

For Roman’s birthday a few years ago, I surprised him with a bunch of “party animals” - complete with miniature party hats. I think it would be fun to expand this theme and have a whole party animal party! Here’s what my party would include. What would you add?

An Animal Party | Oh Happy Day!


A. Party Popcorn | B. Party Animals | C. Wooden Forks | D. Animal Head Balloons | E. Party Parade Invitations | F. Elephant Feet

Festive Garland Ideas

I love including garlands in my party decor. They help to tie everything together! Here are a few of my favorite garlands that we’ve made over the years. Have you tried making any?

Festive Garland Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

A. Giant Fringe Garland | B. Paper Dot Garland | C. Cotton Candy Garland | D. Clay Letter Garland | E. Paper Mobile | F. Floral Garland | G. Honeycomb Garland