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Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

You may have banned these obnoxiously loud and annoying party squawkers from your house (who, me?!) but if you’re hosting a party outside – now that’s a different story. These are quick and easy to make and embellish, and can make a pretty centerpiece – that is, until little hands grab them and start the party train.

Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Our Ribbon Wall!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a rainbow ribbon wall at my studio. I’ve collected tons of ribbon over the years, but up until now it’s just been sitting in boxes in my party closet. When we moved into the new studio last year, I purchased an awesome bottle drying rack at the Alameda Flea Market so that we could start displaying all our ribbon. We hung it up and threw on the ribbon we had, but it was still missing something. I knew we needed some special ribbon to fill in the holes. So, I was super excited when I met Angela Liguori the last time I was in New York. She sells the most beautiful Italian ribbon I’ve ever seen. When my Studio Carta order arrived in the studio, I literally gasped as I opened the box. The colors are so beautiful and the ribbon is perfect and soft. It was exactly what our wall needed. It’s funny because I realized I haven’t bought much purple ribbon over the years. When I put up the ribbon wall I only had one roll! The final result is a dream come true! I cannot wait to experiment with all this ribbon.

Oh Happy Day Ribbon WallOh Happy Day Ribbon WallOh Happy Day Ribbon Wall

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Photos by Alison Piepmeyer for Oh Happy Day

Citrus Party Supplies

Lately, the weather has me wishing for summer. Here are a few citrus-themed party supplies I’ve been collecting in my party closet to brighten my mood!

Citrus Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!


1. Peach Tissue Fan | 2. Hot Pink Swirl Pops| 3. Orange Tissue Paper Fan| 4. Lemon Garland | 5.Striped Candles | 6. Yellow Party Hats | 7. Yellow Marbled Balloons | 8. Green Triangle Plates | 9. Citrus Card

Photo from Angela Hardison

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Party

If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day plans yet, throw a fun party for your friends! Even though there are only a few days left, there’s still plenty of time to pull something together. Just send out a quick Evite right now then take a few hours to pick up all these items from local stores. It’s so easy, there’s really no excuse! xoxo

Last Minute Valentine's Day Party | Oh Happy Day!

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Our Favorite Craft Supplies: Glue

These are the types of glue that I use most often for Oh Happy Day projects. I’m a super fan of the Quick Dry Tacky Glue. I use it any time I am doing paper projects (It’s seriously the best!)

Our Favorite Craft Supplies: Glue | Oh Happy Day!

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