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Cards for My Collection

I always keep a nice stock of cards in a box ready to send out snail-mail-style. Nothing better than finding a handwritten envelope mixed in with all your bills! Here are some new cards I want to add to my collection. Do you still send out real cards? For me the secret to sending out cards is having stamps on hand since going to the post office < death.

Cards for My Collection | Oh Happy Day!

A. Skunk That Stinks Card | B. Birthday I Love You Card | C. All the Time Card | D. Knight Rider Card | E. You’re Money Card | F. Neon Pineapple Card | G. Circle Card | H. Merci Beaucoup Card| I. Modern Floral Card | J. Calico Black Hello Card | K. Donkey Pinata Card | L. Sol Card 

Summer Party Supplies

At the beginning of each new season, I love adding a fresh stash of supplies to my party closet. Here are a few summery items I’ve been eyeing. What’s on your party wishlist?

Supplies for my Party Closet | Oh Happy Day!

A. Zebra Balloon | B. Paper Plates | C. Flamingo Candles | D. Invites | E. Goodie Bags | F. Straws | G. Cake Toppers

Pretty Party Supplies

There are so many pretty party supplies out right now! These bright colors are perfect for spring and summer. I’m definitely planning to add these to my party closet soon!

Pretty Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!

A. Mini Confetti | B. Geometric Garland | C. Gold Scallop Party Cups | D. Black Striped Balloons | E. Treat Bags | F. Metallic Birthday Candles | G. Fancy Letter Balloons

A Craft Party

by Casey Baudoin

Crafting and making has always been one of my favorite things to do, and it is even better when you do it with friends.  Throw an easy craft party, with festive headbands for everyone to wear, refreshments, and a good stash of craft supplies to get the creativity flowing!

A Craft Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. headband  2. ice bucket  3. scissors  4. drink station  5. craft bags  6. twine  7. girls night  8. mini clothes pins  9. felt

Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

You may have banned these obnoxiously loud and annoying party squawkers from your house (who, me?!) but if you’re hosting a party outside – now that’s a different story. These are quick and easy to make and embellish, and can make a pretty centerpiece – that is, until little hands grab them and start the party train.

Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!Pretty Paper Party Horns DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions!