party hats

Floral Happy Birthday Headbands DIY

Happy May Day! These fun headbands are the perfect accessory for a spring birthday party. With just a little wire and some mini silk flowers, you can spell out an unexpected birthday message for the guest of honor.

Materials: Wire, Glue Gun, Small Flowers, Headband

Step 1: Bend the wire into the shape of the words. We found that leaving space between the letters helps to distinguish them. Be sure to leave a length of wire before the first letter and after last letter for attaching it to the headband.
Step 2: Using a hot glue gun attach the flowers to the wire letters. Make sure to keep the flowers neat by keeping them from filling the centers of letters like ‘p’, ‘d’, and ‘a’.
Step 3: Once the letters are covered, bend to match the curve of the headband.
Step 4: Attach the word to the headband by wrapping the extra lengths of the first and last letters around the headband.

Photography by  Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Produced by Stacy Wichelhaus
Crafting and styling by Caitlin Barker
Assisted by Harper Casimiro

Confetti Party Hats DIY

Today, I’m blending two of my favorite things: party hats and confetti! These festive hats are easy to make, super colorful, and a definite crowd pleaser. It’s hard not to smile when there’s a party happening on your head! I got the idea for this technique from Joke’s present wrapping trick. It couldn’t be easier. Just glue and dip!

Click through for instructions and more photos!


Paper Pom Pom Party Hats DIY

Here is a little paper pom pom party hat project. It is super simple to make and the results are pretty adorable. We included the link to the party hat template below. Just print the template on colored cardstock and you’re ready to go.  These would be really cute in rainbow colored pom poms too! See full instructions below.


Mini Paper Flower Party Hats DIY

In the springtime, my obsession with flowers hits an all-time high. I especially like experimenting with paper flowers because they’re so easy to work with. These party hats are especially festive. You could pair them with the Giant Paper Flower Party Hats we made earlier this week, or highlight them on their own. They are easy to make and are so fun.


Giant Paper Flower Party Hats DIY

Today we are sharing a Giant Paper Flower Party Hat! These are perfect for a spring or summer party. Surprise all your friends with a big and bold statement! It’s been a few years since I introduced my first party hat tutorial, this party hat is based off that template.