party hats

Paper Gemstone Crown

by Kitiya Palaskas

Here’s a fun and sparkly accessory that’s perfect for all of those upcoming holiday parties! I made mine out of various shades of gold paper – but it would be fun to experiment with different colors of the rainbow. To start this easy project, use our template to make a bunch of paper gemstones. Then attach them a headband using hot glue. Voila – an easy and fun twist on the traditional party hat!

Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!

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A Party Animal Party

For Roman’s birthday a few years ago, I surprised him with a bunch of “party animals” – complete with miniature party hats. I think it would be fun to expand this theme and have a whole party animal party! Here’s what my party would include. What would you add?

An Animal Party | Oh Happy Day!


A. Party Popcorn | B. Party Animals | C. Wooden Forks | D. Animal Head Balloons | E. Party Parade Invitations | F. Elephant Feet

Party Hat Station DIY

by Danyelle Mathews

Party hats instantly make a special event feel more festive. Plus, kids love them. At your next shindig, wouldn’t it be fun to let the kids decorate their own? To make a party hat station download this party hat template and prepare a few hats before your guests arrive. Buy inexpensive and fun supplies like artificial flowers from the dollar store, pom poms, and googly eyes. Have glue handy for the kids to attach their desired adornments. Good ‘ol Elmer’s worked great for the pom poms and googly eyes. Hot glue is best for the artificial flowers. Choose a pretty satin ribbon that coordinates with all of the other supplies and enjoy seeing what your little guests create!

Party Hat Station | Oh Happy Day!Party Hat Station | Oh Happy Day!Party Hat Station DIY | Oh Happy Day

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Root Beer Float Party + Soda Fountain Hats DIY

by Danyelle Mathews

I can’t think of an easier party to throw than a root beer float party (especially during the summer!) Throw some big glass mugs in the freezer, buy your favorite vanilla ice cream and root beer, then invite over your friends. To make the gathering a bit more festive, you can craft up some cute soda fountain hats for everyone to wear. Enjoy!

Root Beer Float Party + Soda Fountain Hat DIY | Oh Happy Day!Root Beer Float Party + Soda Fountain Hats DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Marbleized Party Hats DIY

Have you ever used a marbling kit? I bought one a few weeks ago and have been testing it out on different craft projects. (Someday, it would be fun to do a whole marbleized party!) I love the way these party hats turned out. And with the kit, they were super easy to make . Don’t miss the DIY instructions after the jump! (PS – Watercolor Party Hats.)

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