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A Craft Party

by Casey Baudoin

Crafting and making has always been one of my favorite things to do, and it is even better when you do it with friends.  Throw an easy craft party, with festive headbands for everyone to wear, refreshments, and a good stash of craft supplies to get the creativity flowing!

A Craft Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. headband  2. ice bucket  3. scissors  4. drink station  5. craft bags  6. twine  7. girls night  8. mini clothes pins  9. felt

Grilled Cheese Party

Cheese please!! When Président Cheese approached me about reinventing a classic cheese dish for their new digital showcase “Art of Cheese“, I jumped at the chance to host a Grilled Cheese party. I’ve been wanting to plan a party like this for a while, so it was fun to actually make it happen. My friend Andrea came up with 4 easy grilled cheese recipes that we served to our guests. But, it would also be fun to mix and match the toppings and cheeses and get creative with the recipes! For more fun recipes and entertaining ideas, make sure you check out the Art of Cheese website. Right now they’re hosting a special Pinterest Sweepstakes where you could win $50 worth of their cheese varieties. What’s your favorite kind of grilled cheese sandwich?

Grilled Cheese Party | Oh Happy Day!Grilled Cheese Party | Oh Happy Day!

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Jelly Bean Garland

by Kathleen Ballos

Don’t you love the candy selection around Easter time? So colorful and spring-like, I want to buy (and eat!) it all. Conveniently, National Jelly Bean Day is April 22, so it’s a great time to stock up on your favorite jelly beans. I think it would be so much fun to have a jelly bean tasting party, especially with all the gourmet flavors available these days. Make this jelly bean garland to celebrate – you can even hand out the triangles as party favors once the day is over! (PS – Put any extra jelly beans in these fun Easter boxes!)

Jelly Bean Garland | Oh Happy Day!Jelly Bean Garland | Oh Happy Day!Jelly Bean Garland | Oh Happy Day!

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Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. A genius pinata idea by our friends at Photojojo!
2. The prettiest paper fruit ever.
3. Such a fun and easy way to decorate favor bags.
4. These chocolate & sprinkle covered marshmallows look so delicious!
5. I really want one of these new tumblers from

April Fool’s Mini Lunch Prank

by Kathleen Ballos

April Fool’s Day can be a lot of fun, but in the past I’ve had trouble finding pranks that aren’t crazy involved or slightly cruel. If you pack lunches for anyone in your household, this DIY mini lunch is the perfect harmless prank! If you make multiple packed lunches, line them up on the counter first thing on April Fool’s Day and wait to see your family’s reaction! Just don’t forget to make a real lunch for them to eat too!

April Fool's Mini Lunch Prank | Oh Happy Day!April Fool's Mini Lunch Prank | Oh Happy Day!April Fool's Mini Lunch Prank | Oh Happy Day!

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