parties to pretties

Party to Pretties: An Outdoor Meal

by Emmadime

I love it when you can feel the seasons slowly shifting – Fall is creeping up on us and i love it. Since I just recently experienced a lovely outdoor meal in Portland, OR – I decided to share some of the items we brought along for our dinner. We embraced a more natural color scheme, kept things simple while focusing on beautiful materials, and enjoyed food that the Fall season is known and loved for. What are your favorite Fall foods?



Table Setting // Blanket // Stoneware // Eat Napkin //  Wooden Chair // Water Glass // Bottle with stopper // Wooden Utensils

Party to Pretties: Neon & Shine

by Emmadime

I saw THIS shoot on Brooklyn Bride and really loved the contrast between the white and neon. It would be perfect for a sparkly girls night in with friends.

Brooklyn Bride Images 1. Nail Polish 2. Gold Pinata 3. Cocktail 4. Rock Candy 5. Necklace 6. Gold tape 7. Platform 8.Sequin Heart