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Favor Cup Paper Flowers

by Kathleen Ballos

Do you know the small paper cups you fill with ketchup at fast food restaurants? That’s what these flowers are made out of! When a friend showed me that if you tug on the sides the cup expands, my mind was blown. Maybe this is common knowledge but I had no idea! Anyhow, with a quick coat of paint and paper centers these favor cup flowers are the perfect way to decorate for your next party. (And check out even more paper flower crafts!)

Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!

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A Camp Party

by Casey Baudoin

Summer and camp are a perfect match for each other.  Think of the movie, Parent Trap, when planning your camp party.  T-shirts, old pennants, canoe cards, smores, campfires… I could go on and on!

A Camp Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. pennant  2. tee shirts  3. post cards  4. signs 5. smores  6. tents  7. straws  8. camp fire

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. The PERFECT summer party backdrop.
2. This wedding left me totally speechless.
3. I’m obsessed with these colors.
4. Such a fun night!
5. OK, these are amazing.

Foil Space Mobile

by Kathleen Ballos

One of my favorite unexpected craft supplies are the foil baking sheets available at grocery stores. They are so affordable and versatile! This time I’ve used them to make these simple night sky mobiles – wouldn’t they be fun for a space party? I made a few of rocket party poppers to go with it. So fun!

Foil Space Mobile | Oh Happy Day!Foil Space Mobile | Oh Happy Day!



Watermelon Place Cards DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Did you know watermelons are 91% water? You will only need a cup of water to dip your paintbrush in for these watermelon place cards. Perfect for National Watermelon Day – August 3rd! These could also make a festive garland – instead of putting a name on the cards, just fold them over some string and use tape or glue to secure. Happy Watermelon Day! (PS – Watermelon favors!)

Watermelon Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!Watermelon Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!Watermelon Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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