Ah! The City of Light. In 2011 we put all of our things in a storage unit and flew to Paris France. It was one of the scariest decisions we've ever made but has proven to also be one of the most rewarding! Here is a Paris Guide a friend wrote for us when we came to Paris on our Honeymoon. I'm putting together my own recommendations as I get to know the city better. In the meantime you can read about Things to Do in Paris and Things to Eat in Paris. Thinking about making the move abroad yourself? Read about my experience moving and living in France right here.

Paul’s Phone Pictures

Paul (my husband) is an oil painter but he has recently really gotten into using iphone filters like Instagram. Its fun to have our life documented in these casual little snapshots. If you’re interested in following along to see what an artsy version of our everyday life looks like you can follow him on Twitter right here or Instagram over here.

Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur

I love recommendations from people but I get especially happy when I discover a great place by myself. I had walked by Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur three or four times on my way to appointments and it always looked great but Saturday we went with the kids to try it out. You guys! When I talk about Paris to my friends and family I go on and on about the pastries, croissants and bread. To go into a Paris bakery with trays and baskets piled high with fresh pastries is one of the best experiences in life. At this one we tried the hot chocolate which is hands down the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. (And I wouldn’t give it that title loosely.) At one point during the meal I heard myself say “Moses you have to eat some croissant before you eat your eclair.” I’m so health conscious! There weren’t any other Americans there which makes it feel authentic plus the staff was very kind. It is just a half block down from Les Invalides so very convenient if you are seeing the sites. I highly recommend it for breakfast or lunch.

Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur | 14 Avenue Villars, 75007 Paris | Métro: Saint-François-Xavier

Peony Season in Paris

It’s peony season in Paris. Every florist has a 3-foot pile of peonies sitting on their counter. The first time I saw one I was regretting not bringing a camera until I walked by two more flower shops and saw the same thing. Peonies are my favorite flower so I’m pretty much in heaven. Here are some pictures from the farmer’s market we went to this weekend. One big difference between France and the States is everyone buys flowers here. There are as many flower shops as there are bakeries. The French are really good at doing things to enjoy everyday life.

Canal Saint Martin

We went for a walk on Canal St Martin last week. The streets were closed off so pedestrians and bicyclists had full reign of the street. There are people everywhere along the banks just sitting and looking and reading. I’ve been exploring some of the shops in the neighborhood and have found some real gems. The neighborhood reminds me a little bit of the Mission district in San Francisco. It’s super hip and sort of rough around the edges.

ps: the dress is from Mango (I love their skirts and dresses because they have pockets!) The fluorescent belt is from JCrew.

Long Walks

Our favorite thing to do on the weekends is go for long walks. We try to go down streets we don’t know and try a new cafe or get a new type of crepe. There is lots of sitting on grass or benches involved. When I imagined my life in Paris this is exactly what I was hoping for.