paris: things to do

Paris Flea Market

I’ve only been to the Paris flea market twice but I can honestly say it is my favorite place in the whole world. I’m happy that it is so close and so easy to get to and it is open every weekend. I’m planning on getting to know it really well. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen is the largest flea market in the world and it is amazing as you would imagine it to be. It is made up of a maze of alleyways and a some buildings with everything you can imagine. I’m going to do another post on how to get there because I feel like there isn’t any information online that is very very clear. Here are some pictures from the last few weekends.

Have you been to the Paris Flea Market? Do you have any tips or tricks?

La Droguerie

I was looking for a store to buy household items yesterday and I got a little lost and ended up discovering a store called “The Drugstore” or La Droguerie. I went inside and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. It is a store that has ribbon, beads, yarn, feathers and various little sundries for creative projects. It is very large and the selection is really unbelievable, better than anywhere I’ve been. The pictures aren’t great because I don’t think pictures are allowed so I was trying to be a little sneaky. It is everything you would expect from a store like this in Paris. Think: rows and rows of jars of beads, gorgeous bins of feathers, and the prettiest colors of yarn I’ve ever seen. I especially loved the painted bench! If you are into creative things and visiting Paris you must stop by this store.

La Droguerie | 9 Rue Jour 75001 Paris | Métro : Étienne Marcel

The best thing about Paris so far is what happens when you get lost. You go out to buy hangers and a garbage can and find a great place like this.