paper + letterpress

Rifle Halloween

I think the new invites and Halloween cards over at Rifle are so perfect. Sometimes you forget how easy it is to buy invitations with blanks you just have to fill in, especially if they are as adorable as these.

Fall Letterpress Classes Announced

Today I’m announcing the Fall Letterpress Classes. For those of you not familiar with the class you either send in a design yourself or choose one of the designs right here a week before the class and we make a plate. Then the day of the class you get to print 250 of your own letterpress cards. The class is in San Francisco and costs $125. Email me to sign up: More information about the class here. Below are two designs from previous students.

1. Saturday, September 18th (open) design deadline: Sept 8th
2. Saturday, October 23rd (open) design deadline: Oct 13th
3. Saturday, November 13th (open) design deadline: Nov 3rd

Simplesong Design

I LOVE Suann’s new line of balloon themed cards. I want some! Her new Simplesong site launched last week and it is really really great.

Air Brushed Invitations

Abby sent me these airbrushed invitations by Anisa Suthayalai and Alex Lin. Formerly both of Default and now Default and StudioLin. These are so beautiful.

Video Game-Lover Cards

Here are some casual calling cards I recently made. “First Person Shooter” is referring to a video game genre but I took some liberty with the concept. I printed the text and bullseye with a very small amount of opaque white ink and the orange I mixed the color myself. Then I added small bullet holes by hand with a 1/16″ hole punch.

If you would like me to design and or print something for you on my letterpress, email me with the details for a quote. ohhappydayblog(at)